A helmet is one of the key requirement when riding a motorcycle, it enhances safety largely preventing head injuries in case of an accident. We have complied a list of best motorcycle helmets in Kenya.



Types of motorcycle helmets in Kenya

Helmets are available in different models, the shape and features is what determines the class it belongs to. There are six main types of helmets, the first thing to consider when looking for a motorcycle helmet is the type so let us also start by looking at the six types.

Full face helmet

This is the most common type of  motorcycle helmets in Kenya, it is also the most recommended for safety purposes. It usually covers the head, neck and chin. It effectively protects injuries on the chin through it’s chin cap unlike other helmets without this cap. All parts of the full face helmet are usually rigid except for the visor (the mirror like part) which can be flipped up.

The closed model of the full face helmet provides spaces to add features such as Bluetooth connection, headphones etc. Most of the type also come with ventilation  to allow cooling and controlled fogging on visor.

Image: Full face helmet

Modular helmet

This type of helmet is usually designed like the full face. The only difference is that the chin part and the visor can be flipped up leaving the face open. It is this feature that gives their other name, flip up helmets. Just like the full face helmet, more features can be incorporated to it.

Image: Modular helmet


Open face helmet

It is also referred to as 3/4 helmet, this is because it covers only part of the head mainly leaving the chin part and neck. It covers the top of the head, forehead and side of the face. Some of the open face helmet will come with a visor while in others you have to buy one. They are commonly used in scooters. Just like the above two, this helmet has space for additional of features.

Image: Half helmet

Half helmet

This one only covers the top of the head and the forehead. It is the most risky since it leaves a greater part of the face open. It also do not have enough space to add items like headphones. Most of the also do not have a visor.

Image: Open face helmet

Off road helmet

They are mainly used on dirty bikes mainly for racing purposes, these ones are not recommended for use on normal roads or highways. They also do not have a visor, instead, the racer will have to use googles to protect the eyes from dirt and advance weather conditions.

Image: Off road helmet

Dual sport helmet

As the name suggest, they are mainly used for sporting purposes, they are designed like the full face helmets only that the model is specialized for racers. The helmet can be used for both dirty racing and other motorbike sports.

Image: Dual sport helmet

List of Top best motorcycle helmets in Kenya

Since we have looked at the types, let us now see some of the helmets with the best features and are available in Kenya.

Ls2 Helmets

The LS2 helmets come in all six types. They are dominant all over the world, also, they are among the top of motorcycle helmets in Kenya  and are perfect to get the job done.

They come in exclusive features such as manufactured using Advance polymer alloy making them withstand large forces. Their shield is in most cases scratch resistance, fog resistance and sunlight protective. They have enhanced comfort feature such as dynamic ventilation  creating constant air flow, breathable and removable and washable inner lining. The are also secure with chin straps and multi density. It is common to find LS2 helmets with added features such as bluetooth enabled speakers.

A notable con is that some of the LS2 are loud as compared to other brands.

Image: LS2 helmets

Shoei helmets

They are largely available in the full face type, others include modular, open face, off road and dual sport. They are also among the common brand of motorcycle helmets in Kenya.

If you are into racing, then this helments  are perect for you. They are totally comfortable with features like, very light (Shoie RF-1200 are the lightest on the market), a high comfortable inner lining that is removable and washable. Also, they are well ventilated and have anti-foggy features.

However, the helmets are pricey and have limited colors to choose from.

Image; Shoei helmet

Steelbird helmets

They are mainly available in the full face, open face and modular category.

The helmets come with high revolution ventilation system with air booster system, capabilities to recycle air in the helmet using extractors and intakes in the chin, frontal and top areas. They are commonly made of high ABs material and multi layer EPS consisting of both high density and low density medium. Other features include breathable neck protector and odourless mouth guard.

The are a lot of colors and graphics to choose from include the robot style model.

Image: Steelbird helmetStudds helmet

They are largely available as the full face, modular and open face types. They come with standout features making them rank among riders. Whether you want one for racing, commercial on even street touring, you will find one for the purpose in this brand.

They have an aerodynamic shape, double visor which is quick release enhanced to allow the rider to easily change the visor position and a dynamic ventilation which provides fresh air to the rider. The painting of the helmets is usually sun resistance hence does not fade overtime. The inner liner in is hypoallergenic preventing the rider from allergies that may occur due to longtime contact with damp liner of the helmet. The shell is injected with thermoplastics reducing the effects of impact.

Image: Studds helmet

Beon helmets

Mainly, they are available in Full face, modular, off road and open face categories. They have different graphics and colors plus shapes giving a sense of fashion.

They have comfortable inner liner, 3 way ventilation system easing flow of air in and out of the helmet. All of the brand helmets including open face come with a visor excluding the off road ones which of course should not have a visor. Some other features that you may find are sun light shield for the visor and luxury liners.

Compared to other helmets mentioned, this ones have lower features.

Image: Beon helmets

Nitro helmets

They range in full face, modular and open face types. They are actually a lot of models to choose from especially in the full face category.

Most of the models are designed with an anti-scratch coating and a polycarbonate injected shell. They ventilation is robust with dual chin ventilation, dual brow ventilation, face ventilation and rear exhaust valves. The visor is adjustable in most of the brands helmets and a buckle adjustability and perfect tension.

The visor is lockable, anti fog with with quick release feature. Their inner lining is comfortable and anti fungal, it can also be removed for washing.

Image: Nitro helmet

GXT helmet

They are mainly available in full face and modular type. Though they are not as popular as the above, their features are still outstanding,

They have a comfortable liner which contains a cushion for protecting the head and sweat absorbent. The liner is removable and washable. The visor is resistance from sun light (uv light) and scratch. The shell are usually aerodynamic with polycarbonate injection to harden them. Intake valves are used for the purpose of ventilation.

Image: GXT helmet

Nenki helmets

The helmets are available in the six categories, this brand however emphasizes in the racing helmets.

The shell of the helmets is usually impact resistance and made with ABS material. Inside the helmet is a cushion liner for safety enhancement, the inner liner is removable and washable. They have multiple vent for all round cooling. The visor is anti foggy with some having  3 visors in dual visor, which include clear visor, red mirror visor with anti fog features and black sun visor with extra anti fog.

There are various color to choose from for this helmets, they also have adjustable steel D-rings buckle with buttoned chin strap.

Image: Nenki racing helmet

O’Neal helmets

The main focus of this brand is the off road or dirty bike helmets and dual sport. If you are looking for an off road one, then this is perfect fit for you. The naming of the helmets models is usually in series, e.g series 3, series 5 etc

The O’neal helmets are usually light weight and streamlined for racing. The visor is quick adjustable, they have multi vents for proficient air movement and cooling. ABS material is used in making of the shell.

This helmets come in awesome graphics and hence a nice fit for the fashion feel. Replacement parts for the helmets are also available.

Image: O'neal helmets

Jiekai helmets

This of motorcycle helmet is not much popular, they are mainly of the full face type.

To reduce wind and noise, they are design incorporates an aerodynamic shape. They also have an ABS material and multi density EPS. The paint is UV resistance meaning they do not fade easily. They have inlet valves and exhaust vents to facilitate efficient ventilation. The inner liner is fully removable and washable.

Image: Jiekai helmets

Scorpion helmets

They are available in the in full face, modular, open face and off road categories. The scorpion helemts design is a perfect fit for long distance riders.

The aerodynamic shape of the helmets give stability at any speed, the ventilation is robust  allowing maximum airflow. The manufacturer uses composite fiber for the external shell hence increasing strength. The inner liner is comfortable and have airfit check pad inflation system. The helmets will come with a clear visor, dark visor and other visor available separately.

The above are among the top Motorbike helmet brands available in the country.

It is notable that when buying motorcycle helmets in Kenya, you will first decide the type you want, with the full face been the most recommended for safety, after that you will check at the available features and make you purchase decision.

Some of the common features to check for are:

Robust Ventilation system

Enhanced visor e.g anti scratch, anti fogy or UV resistance

The shell material and ability to resist impact

The shape, an aerodynamic shape provides stability at speeds and reduce wind and sound

Other features such as Bluetooth connectivity speakers.





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