Skin Care is a very important aspect in our daily lives, it does not just keep us healthy but also nourish our looks. Below, we are going to see the best body lotions in Kenya.

What does a good body lotion do?

It is important to understand what you get from the lotion you use, below are just but some gains you get from a good choice.

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  • Hydrated skin, a good lotion should keep your skin hydrated for a long time. Some of the best lotions will maintain your skin moisture for upto to 6 hours. A moist skin is not only attrative but is also resilient from damages.
  • Scent, a nice smell is something we desire and is also attractive. Most lotion products comes with a strong or nice fragrance, however, some of them are none perfumed for those who love natural scents only.

A good scented lotion should go in hand with a good scented perfume, you can hence check best perfumes in  Kenya over here.

  • Source of nutrients to the skin, most lotions contain Vitamin A or Vitamin E. These nutrients are important to our skin health.

Skin types

When choosing the right lotion for your skin, be sure to check whether the manufacturer has indicated what skin the lotion is suitable for.

Below are some skin types and lotions suitable for them.

  • Dry skin- moisturizing lotion
  • Oily skin- noncomedogenic labelled lotion (does not block pores)
  • Normal skin- moisturizing lotion
  • Combined skin- noncomedogenic lotion
  • Sensitive skin- hypoallergenic labelled lotion (does not contain allergic ingredients)

Skin types explained:

Dry skin- This skin is usually very dry and at times it cracks or gets rough.

Oily skin- the type often feels greasy, it is also characterized by pimples especially during puberty.

Normal skin- this type of skin is usually healthy and is mostly balanced.

Combined skin- the skin is dry on some parts while other parts are oily.

Sensitive skin- this type is allergic to certain Substances and is at times itchy.

List of best body lotion

Below are top body lotions you can pick in Kenya for top skin protection and Care.

Vaseline body lotion

Vaseline lotion

Vaseline is very popular for its petroleum jelly, its body lotions are also of high quality and available in different variants including; cocoa grow, intensive care, dry skin repair, advance repair, eventone and men lotion. Sizes available include: 100ml, 200ml and 400ml.

Nivea body lotion

Nivea lotion

This is perhaps one of the best body lotion, from its sweet strong fragrance to quality. They have a large selection of variants including; (Nivea) care and repair, men hydration, Nourishing, men revitalizing, men cool kick, smooth sensation, Nourishing cocoa, Rose, vanilla, aloe hydration etc. Sizes include 200ml, 250ml and 400ml.

You can visit Nivea website for more details.

Valon body lotion

Valon lotion

Valon has offered quality petroleum jelly for a long time in Kenya. In 2019, they launched their body lotion available in the following variants: Soothing Aloe & Avocado Oil, Nourishing Cocoa Butter, Renewal Glycerin & Vitamin E and Hydrating Milk & Shea Butter. Sizes include 200ml and 400ml.

Amara body lotion

Amara lotion

This is yet another performing skin care product in Kenya. Variants from Amara include: for men, for men cooling, cocoa butter, milk lotion and Glycerin lotion. Sizes available are 100ml, 200ml and 400ml.

Zoe body lotion

Zie lotion

Zoe lotion is popular especially among ladies for its results. The lotion is available in the following variants: (Zoe) honey, cocoa butter, aloe vera, milk lotion, olive glycerin etc. Sizes being 200ml, 400ml and 600ml.

Above are just but some top body lotions in Kenya, you will however find more in the market. If you find a more suitable one, do not hesitate to pick it. Cheers!!


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