Making sure that you have the best smartphone in your pocket is not an easy task. there are countless number of mobile phones brands in Kenya, each of this brand comes with hundreds of models, choosing which to buy requires skills and knowledge. In this guide, we are going to take you step by step on what to consider and at the end of the article we will apply each consideration,am sure you will agree that this are the best ways to choose the best smartphone for yourself.

Top smartphone brands: Samsung,Infinix,Tecno,Nokia,Oppo, Ulefone

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1. Cost

This is the very first consideration, how much are you willing to pay? The highest amount you have is the number one thing that will determine which smartphone you get. Every model in the market even if it belongs to the same brand will cost differently, for example, Tecno Camon 12 pro and Tecno Camon CX air will not cost the same even though they belong to the same brand.

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2. Features

Second on the list is the smartphone features, every model of a smartphone comes with it’s unique features that differentiate it from the other. If you want a high performance smartphone you will have to go for one with high features.

Some of the the most common features to consider are listed below:

Battery mAh rating- this determines how many hours a phone battery will perform without been recharged.

The camera- apart from the megapixel (MP) of the camera, there are other more consideration you can make on the kind of smartphone camera you want, see them here

Random- access memory(RAM)- this is what determines how fast a smartphone can respond to a task and the amount of applications it can run with no problems. It prevents the phone from ‘hanging’ when multitasking.

Internal storage- commonly referred to as ROM in the specifications list, this is the amount of space available in the file manager of your, a phone with good storage capacity is capable of storing more images, music, files and videos without using an external storage device e.g an SD card.

Other features include: fingerprint senor, facelock, torch etc..

3. Durability

How durable is the smartphone that you want to buy. It will be unfortunate to buy a smartphone that dose not last for long, even if you don’t want to use it forever, by the time you will be upgrading, it should at least be in good condition such that you can resell it.

Most durability issues of a smartphone will be caused by easily cracking of the screen. To have a good understanding of the smartphone life, ask about it from other users you may know, you can also check online reviews from people who having been using it.

4. Size and color

The last consideration is more of a personal preference, if you prefer a smaller phone, then after applying the above mentioned steps you can choose the size. The same will apply to color, do you want a black one? red or green? etc..

Now lets apply the steps and see how effective they will be;

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3. Now it is time to remove the phones that have features below you target. Sometimes you might realize that the kind of features you are looking for are at higher cost, and sometimes they might be at lower cost. Adjust accordingly.

4. Now that you have filtered according to your pocket and required features, choose the most durable phones in the remaining list.

5. Finally you can pick your preferred size and favorite color.

Am sure if you apply the above guide, you will end up with the best affordable smartphone.



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