Here is list of top best projectors in Kenya. We are also going to look at features to consider when making a purchase decision and some added knowledge about projectors.

A projector is an out put device that mainly gives out moving images(videos) although it can still be used for static images. They images are usually displayed on a projector screen or light surface.

They are mainly used in learning institutions, organizations for reports presentations and in some businesses such as cinemas (“movies”). Some specialized projectors are made for use in homes.

Advantages of using projectors

There are numerous advantages of using a projector. Here are some of them;

1. Displaying large images becomes easy with a use of a projector.

2. Cost of buying a projectors is usually averagely affordable.

3. Projectors are a good alternative for Large TVs screens.

4. A projector will only occupy a small space.

5, Portability, most projectors are small and light weight hence can be easily carried around.


Just like they have advantages, they also have some disadvantages as outlined below;

1. They will require a dark room in order for the image to be viewable unlike in most TVs that will be visible in average lit room.

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2. In most cases, the installation cost of projector is usually high.

3.They will require regular repairs making the maintenance cost high.

4. The projectors provide only images hence will require audio devices adding more cost.

Types of projectors

In electronic devices, we will mostly have various types of devices categories depending on the technology they use. This is because with advancement of technology new devices are introduced, this applies to projectors too. Here are three main types in regard to the technology used.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), this type of projectors were the first ones. they use cathode ray tube to produce an image, the image is focused into a screen using a lens placed in front of the CRT which in turn enlarges and focuses it to a projector screen. Color CRT projectors usually have red, green and blue lenses to achieve color images.

Image: CRT projector

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), they use three Liquid crystal materials to display images,a lamp, a prism and a filter. The LCD were the second in the market but they are not the latest. They are however still used largely today especially in institutions of learning.

Image: LCD

Digital Light Process(DLP),  this ones use millions of micro mirrors to project images into the projector screen. They are lightweight, portable and considered more reliable.

Images: Acer projector

Features of projectors

Different models of projectors will come with different features, lets see features that you can pick from to fit your aim.

Image quality, the image quality in a projector is highly dependent on the resolution. Most projectors in the market will have a resolution of 1080p hence quality might not be your biggest worry though some still have a resolution of 720p. If however very high quality is your concern, then you should consider the Ultra 4K resolutions and above.

Lens zoom, a projector with the feature will help you zoom in or out to certain distances so as to have the best image, it is however recommended to use the manufacture standards of lens zoom, the manual also contains a guide chart on how to adjust distances.

Lens shift, some projectors will allow you to tilt the lens up, down, left or right so as to achieve the necessary set up to give the intended images to your audience.

Light output, the light output is measured in Lumens. You should be cautious not to go for very bright projectors since to much brightness might make your audience uncomfortable, in small rooms, you do not require high number of Lumens but for larger rooms higher lumens of up to 10,000 are good.

Iris, some projectors will have an iris just like the human eye. The iris in this case will control the amount of output light from the projector, when there is a darker region in an image the iris will adjust the light to give a dark impression. The iris can be adjusted to fit the best setup or even shutdown if it does not give the expected effect.

Ports, a good projector should have all required ports and in some cases extra ones. Here are some of the ports to check for; HDMI, USB, VGA. Microphone and audio output ports.

Wireless, this is the capability of using WiFi or Bluetooth to connect with other devices, a modern projector should have this feature.

Best projectors in Kenya

From the above, you can now pick  the best model from some of the top brands listed below. For prices or to order from sellers in Kenya, check The Brands app, the app protects you from con through Lipa na escrow, See details here

Sony projectors

Image: Sony projector

Sony is a global electronics producer with a good reputation and its projectors are not less. The projectors are usually lightweight with high image quality and energy efficient. They come with all major ports required and over that, the modern Sony projectors can be used to receive input data through wireless connections.

Epson projector

Imahe: Epson projector

Epson is another global electronics provider. It specializes in office electronics provision and as we know, specialization is not a bad idea, it gives the ability to have a maximum input in the particular field. The Epson projector are highly reliable and gives out good quality images hence it is still a good brand to consider.

Canon projectors

Image: Canon projector

Canon is another popular brand like the above with its projectors available in Kenya. They promise quality at an affordable cost. Most of their modern projectors are technology enhanced and portable.

Acer projectors

Image: Acer projector

The Acer brand is popular for its laptops, they also provide projectors which are available in Kenya. The projectors have controls flexibility with wireless capabilities for modern ones, the brand is worth checking when considering available options.

Nec projectors

Image: Nec projector

Although the brand is not as popular as the above, it still offers quality projectors and they are a pool of them available to choose from in Kenya. The projectors are able to compete with other big brands since they have good advance features.

The above are just but among the top brands of projectors in Kenya, you will still find more out there. Use The Brands app to get user reviews of projectors and even make a more better purchase decision.










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