Get a list of best printers in Kenya below. We are also going to understand features to check for when making a purchase decision in Kenya.

A printer is an electronic device that is used to transform soft copy documents and images to hard copies. That is, from you computer or mobile phone to a paper.

User cases of printers in Kenya

Printers are used to serve various purposes in homes, offices and businesses. Here are the common uses of printers:

Home use, you might require to print some text documents or some photos in your home. In such a case, a light weight printer will come in handy.

Business setting, printing business can be a profitable one especially when set in an area where hard copy documents are required in large numbers. Examples of such places are, around universities and colleges, around government offices, court areas etc. In most of this places text documents are required in large quantities. This also means that the kind of printer should be able to handle large operations.

Photo production,although it is still inline with a business setting, this time round a printer will not be required for text document production. It should have efficient features in photo quality and color printing. Mostly it applies to photographers.

Graphic design, professional graphic designers will always require a printer to carry out their designs printing. A printer with good image quality, a variety of color tanks and probably with 3D printing capabilities is required.

Types of printers

If we go back to the computer class notes, we will find types of printers mentioned. The two broad categories are impact and none impact printers. We are going to look at none impact printers since impact printers are rare used or no longer in use.

On none impact printers, we will learn about the most used for their economical nature and broad features. That is, Inkjet printers and laser printers.

Inkjet printers

This printers usually perform their operations by spraying ink on the paper. The buying cost of this printers is low but will require high maintenance cost. The reason being the use liquid ink cartridges that require constant replacement. These printers are often small and require less space.The best user cases for this printers is; printing photos, graphics and documents that require high color quality. However since the printer ink will wet the paper, the drying period is usually longer and may result to smudging if not left to dry. The print quality of text for this printers is not high and hence they are not recommended for text documents printing. If you are into photography or graphic design, this type of printer will not be a bad choice. However, it is worth noting that you will constantly need to replace or top up ink in this printers.

Laser printers

These ones will use light laser e.g from light emitting diodes to create an image on the paper. They use ink toners which are easy and cheap to replace. The laser printers are costly when buying but have lower maintenance cost. They are best recommended for text documents since they produce a higher quality text. Also, they serve for long before requiring ink replacement and are also capable of bulk operations. Hence, if you want to to start a text documents printing business, these ones will be a good fit. They however require large spaces, they are also not recommended for photography. Since ink dries up fast, smudge effect is minimal in this printers.

You will still find other types of printers such as 3D printers, Dot matrix (which are impact, the traditional type) and Dye-sublimation. Other printers are multi functional with capabilities of printing, scanning and photocopying.

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Features of printers

Most electronic devices come with unique features in each model to serve our needs. We consider this features and choose the best that can serve our intended purpose. Printers are not an exceptional, here are some of the features to consider:

Quality of printer out, the hard copy produced have to meet certain quality according to the use. Quality of print out of a printer is indicated by dpi which stands for dot per inch. This is the amount of dots per inch that a printer can squeeze. A printer with at least 600 by 600 dpi is not bad for a text document printer, this means 600 dots horizontally and 600 dots vertically. For photo printing a higher dpi is required.

Operating system compatibility, modern printers will come with an operating system or will require installation of one. Also, the source of the document to be printed is from a computer, a smartphone etc, the printer you go for should be compatible with the OS of your device e.g Windows, Mac, Android etc.

Dye tanks, according to your color combination need, you should consider the number of ink tanks e.g 8 tanks, 6 tanks, etc. This mainly applies to ink jet printers. If you are into photography and graphic design, this is very important, the more the ink tanks, the more the colors available.

Printing speeds, printers with high printing speed are important especially in cases of business bulk printing.

Wireless connection, some printers will come with a Bluetooth connection or Airprint connection. This allows you to easily send documents from the device to the printer without using wires.

USB and Memory card slots, this will allow you to directly print documents from the storage.

Page production, the number of pages a printer can produce is very important.It largely depends on your use, for commercial purposes, a higher number of pages is required.

WiFi, if you will be using documents from the internet, or for sharing purposes a printer with the feature is important.

Best printers in Kenya

With the gained knowledge, you can now be able to choose the best model of a printer from the following brands. For prices of printers or to order printers from sellers in Kenya, check on the The Brands app. The app protects you from cons through lipa na escrow, See details here

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Canon printers

Image: Canon printers

This brand have been in the market for long and have a reputable name. They have a pool of printers to choose from, especially the ink jet printers. The printers come with high features such quality printing, with in built scanning and WIFI functionality.

Epson printers

Image: Epson printer

This is another reputable brand, they offer high performing printers. Some of their printers will come with quality features including multi functionality, WIFI enabled and good for both office and home.

Brother printers

Image: Brother printers

The brand offers printers in both the ink jet and laser categories. If you are looking for a multi functional printer too, this brand have them for you. Their printers have high print speeds with a bunch of colors and printing to high quality.

HP printers

image: HP printer

Hp is popular for its quality laptops production. Its printers are no less, they offer ink jet and laser printers of high quality that are worth checking. The print out is good and most have USB ports for software installation.

Kyocera printer

Image: Kyocera

Kyocera produces printers fit for commercial use. Tthe printers come with high print out quality feature. USB pots to allow direct print from the source and high number of pages per minute.

The above are just but among the top printers brands. Get more printers in Kenya from The Brands app including user reviews to help you make the bets decision.







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