Get the best photocopy machines and scanners in Kenya. Below we are going to provide a list of best brands but first, we learn will about this machines and the features to put in to consideration when making a purchase decision.

The modern kind of the machines come with a combination of all operations. That is, printing, photocopying, scanning and sending fax. In this article we are going to learn about photocopiers and scanners. To get knowledge about printers, check here

Photocopy and scanner machines are important in businesses and offices. In some cases they will find use in a home setting, we will look at types of each machines available in the market separately.

Photocopy machines

The process involves production of a hard copy document that looks like the first document fed in to the machine.

They will come in two major types as outlined below:

Mono copiers, this ones usually have one color toner which supports black color.

Color copiers, this type of copiers allow for color production. They have at least 4 drums and 4 toners/cartridges  for the ink. The main colors are Cyan, Yellow, Magneta and Black, when combined this colors will give different colors as required.

Other classifications include:

Multi function, this are usually machines capable of different functions including printing, scanning, photocopying and sending fax.

Analog photocopiers, these ones are being phased out in the market. They use light, mirror and lenses to perform their photocopying.

Network copiers, in this type of photocopiers you will have the capability of creating a network that can be used by various users connected to the network.


They usually do the exact opposite of printers, they will produce soft copy documents from fed in hard copies.

Below are some of the scanners you will find;

Flatbed scanner, in this type of scanner, the paper to be scanned is placed on top of a screen and the top lid closed to prevent light entry. The document is then scanned by moving a beam of light from the screen. They are the most recommended.

Sheetfed scanner, in this type, the paper is fed in to the scanner and is moved as the light scans it. Tthe difference with the flatbed is that the image moves and light is stationary.

Drum scanners, they produce image at very low resolution rates hence are not very popular.

Portable scanners, this types of scanner can be carried around and store scanned information in their storage space. The scanned items can be moved later to your computer or smartphone.

Features of scanners and photocopy machines

Here are the most common features that you should consider when looking for a photocopy or scanner machine;

Paper tray size, this provides the limit into which you can photocopy or print. You should go for one with a paper tray size suiting your daily production for example A2, A4, A3 etc

Page Per Minute, abbreviated as PPM. It is the production of pages per minute of a machine, the higher the number the better, this is important especially if you are producing copies in bulk.

Resolution, the resolution is usually measured  in dpi, which stands for dots per inch. A resolution of 600 by 600 dpi is recommended for normal photocopying however a more resolution will be required for higher qualities, this applies to scanners too.

Memory and processor, the machines will have a RAM this together with the processor will determine the speed of photocopying and scanning.

Reduce and enlarge, this mainly applies to a scanner. The image scanned can be enlarged or reduced according to the needs.

Duplex, this feature entails scanning of papers in both sides, that is back and front, some scanners will have this feature.

Best scanners and Photocopy machines

By considering the above, you can now make a choice on a model among the following top brands in Kenya. For prices, check The Brands app. The app helps you order items from sellers in Kenya and also protects you from cons through Lipa na Escrow, see details here


Image: Epson photocopier

This brand specializes in production of office electrical equipment. Their photocopy machine in most cases comes as multi functional meaning you won’t have to buy a separate scanner or printer. Most of the modern models are WiFi models, this allows to send data in wireless form.


Image: Canon Photocopier

Just like Epson, this is another provider of electronics for user purposes. Whether you want a stand alone copier, a standalone scanner or even combined functions, you will get one from this brand. You will enjoy quality print out high speeds and even use of wireless connection for the latest models of the Canon machines.


Image: Hp photocopier

Hp is already a popular brand globally. They offer photocopy and scanning machines with different enhanced capabilities per model, from wireless technology to multi functional. The printers have high Page Per Minute output and provide high resolutions giving quality output. Although most of their machines have combined functions, you will also find stand alone in case you need one.


Image: Brother photocopier

The brands also provides office electrical equipment. They have numerous machines to choose from meaning you won’t be limited to available features. All you need to do is choose one with affordable price and suits your need, the machines are also available in combined features forms and stand alone. Wireless connection is also enabled for recent Photocopy and scanner machines on this brand.


Image: Xerox

Although this is not that popular, it is still worth checking. They have good features and capable of performing bulk tasks since they have a high number of Page Per Minute, high resolutions, more than one paper feeders slots, duplex scanning to allow back to back scanning and more.


To get the best photocopier or scanner, you will need to consider your needs, your intended area of application, that is, business home, office or business and with that. You will be able to make the best decision on the model and brand to pick. Do not forget to use The Brands app to get user reviews on different machines and help you make the right decision.





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