Portable WiFi gadgets can be a great save. Here is list of top best portable WiFi gadgets in Kenya, features to consider when getting one and how this WiFi devices work.

WiFi is one of the best technology to assist us access the internet. Did you know you can still access the internet without a SIM card  when connected to a WiFi device in your smartphone?

To understand this, lets look at how a WiFi connection work. Mainly you will require a WiFi device that serves the signal. This can be a fixed router as found in many public places or a portable device that we are going to discuss about in this article. What the WiFi device does is boost the network provider signal, for example if 4G internet speed is low around you. The device will boost it to very strong and allow multiple users to use the signal. Even if you were to go to places with no internet coverage, the device will still boost the signal so as you will always be connected to the internet no matter where you are.

Normally the device will have a network/data provider SIM card say Safaricom. It is the data providers network signal that is boosted to serve devices around. This means when using the WiFi, you are using data from the SIM card on the router device and hence you do not need the SIM card in your phone. WiFi devices can be used everywhere in the world, the only thing you need to change is the SIM card to the best local provider’s.

Who needs portable WiFi gadgets?

Planning to stream programs on your smart TV? A MiFi will help you stream with no disruptions. See best smart TVs here.

If your area has poor network coverage, or the internet keeps going down and you need a constant strong internet signal, a portable WiFi device will be your solution.

If you are a traveler too,  you should consider having a portable WiFi device. This will help you remain connected to the internet no matter which part of the country or world you are in. This device is also important if you want to use WiFi on your PC and do not want to drain power from your smartphone. In other cases you might come together as group, buy some data on the same SIM card then connect to the device as a group.

What features should I check for in a portable WiFi device?

Here are some of the features to check for, go for those that fit your need.

Battery life, most portable WiFi devices uses a battery for its operations. Although some will only operate when only connected to the power source, but that of course does not serve the idea of portability. Most good devices will serve for 24hrs and more  before requiring a recharge.

Charging ports, if a device runs on a battery, then it is convenient for it to have charging ports instead of been charged by other external methods.

Number of users, if you want to use the device with a group of people, then the number of users that can connect to it at the same time is important, most devices will range between 5 and 20 users.

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Internet speeds, here you will have to choose wisely. This is in regard to the data provider internet speeds. In Kenya most data providers will offer 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G lite connection, Safaricom is planning to release 5G internet speeds soon.

Data speed, how fast is the portable WiFi gadget? most devices will range between 2.5Ghz to 5Ghz, the higher it is the faster the speed.

Length of signal, how far can the signal cover? the bigger the length, the better.

Touch screen controls, some WiFi portable devices will come with touch screen control features. This make it smoother to control the device.

Power back up, some of the devices can act as power back up for your phone. Such devices will have ports to charge your phone.

Storage, just like power back up. Some of the devices will come with some storage space providing an increase to your storage capabilities.

Ports and slots, a WiFi portable device with more SIM card ports assists you use more SIM cards just like in dual smartphones.

Best WiFi portable devices in Kenya

From the above considerations. You can  choose the best model of a portable WiFi device from the list of top brands below.


Huawei MiFi

Image: Huawei MiFi

Huawei is global brand, its portable WiFi devices are among the top. They have 4G internet speeds and with dual bands of 2.4Ggz and 5Ghz allowing you to browse even faster. The number of users are usually higher with some having up to 32 users. They are also rechargeable with USB ports meaning they can act as power banks too. They also provide a smartphone app to help you a manage the device.

Airtel MiFi

Image: Airtel MiFi

Airtel is a data provider in Kenya, they are among the most preferred data providers because of their cheap data bundles. They also provide a 4G enabled portable WiFi device that you can use for your internet connection. The device connects up to 32 devices. Up to the time of writing this article there are offering 25GB data reward once you buy one. The disadvantage is that if you go to countries with no Airtel network coverage, you will not be able to use this device.

Telkom MiFi

Image: Telkom MiFi

Yet another data provider with 4G portable WiFi devices. The device  download rate is 150Mbs per second. The number of users tat can be connected is 15, the device is also easy to set up and use. The disadvantage is that if you go to countries with no Telkom network coverage, you will not be able to use this device.


Image: ZTE MiFi

The brand offers high performing models of portable WiFi devices, some of the models have up to 150Mbs download per second and 4G enabled, with other speeds such as 2G and 3G still available. They also have USB ports with app and website control platform. They support all standard of sim cards and up to 10 users.

The above are just but among the top portable WiFi gadgets providers brands in Kenya. For more brands and users reviews to help you make the right decision, get The Brands.



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