CCTV cameras are essential for security of a business or home. We are going to look at some of the best CCTV cameras in Kenya. Some of the unique features to look at and popular types of CCTV cameras in Kenya.

A CCTV system does not comprise of a camera only. Depending on the type, you might require other accessories and at times other electronics. For example, in some cases you will require cables, a TV screen to display the videos or even a desktop to control the camera. In case of wireless type CCTV cameras, you will require a smartphone or a desktop. You will also require a storage device to store the videos that are recorded.

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Uses of CCTV cameras in Kenya

A CCTV can be applied in many areas.All with the purpose of security and safety control, here are some common user case;

Security, this is the most used case. CCTV cameras are used to prevent theft in offices, institutions, homes and even businesses.

Video evidence, they will come in handy when proof of some event is needed. Its hence good to record events around in case evidence is required in future.

Violence control, Vandalism  and force accusation control, in work place and institutions, CCTV cameras can help control such cases and provide evidence of contributors in case of an occurrence.

Monitoring employees, CCTV camera can help you monitor your employees performance efficiently.

Home monitoring, whether you want to monitor your nanny back at home when at work, or for security reasons, a CCTV camera will come in handy.

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Types of CCTV cameras

They are a bunch of CCTV cameras to choose from in the market. Each have it owns specialized features to attain a certain purpose. Here are some of them;

Dome CCTV camera

Image: Dome CCTV camera

This type of CCTV cameras are usually convenient for both indoors and outdoors functionality. They are also advantageous since it is not easy to tell the position of the camera, hence someone can not tell easily if they are been watched.

Bullet camera

Image: Bullet CCTV camera

Bullet CCTV camera are usually long and cylinder like. They are suited for outdoor functionality, they have a long range of view and are fitted will dust resistance features.

PTZ CCTV cameras

Image: PTZ CCTV camera

PTZ stands for Pan Tilt and Zoom. This kind of CCTV have the named capabilities. They can be moved up and down, tilted to other directions and even zoom in or out, they are however suitable where  someone is operating the CCTV system so as to be able to archive the above.

Wireless CCTV cameras

Image: Wireless CCTV camera

Although they still need a cable for power supply, wireless CCTV cameras will send data recorded using a wireless connection. They mostly do this by use of WiFi hence you will require a stable WiFi connection in the area of installations.

They above are among the most common among many available types of CCTV cameras. It does not mean you only have to consider the above even though they are common, the best thing is to consider your needs.

Features to check for on CCTV cameras

Just like any other electronic device, there are features you should consider in a CCTV camera. Here is list:

Number of channels

Acording to your need, you will require a certain number of CCTV cameras. The channels usually come in 4,8,16 and 32 etc.

Video quality

The high the video quality, the better you can tell what is going on, A video quality of 720P and upwards is required. The quality of video is function of camera lens and resolution.

Night vision

A CCTV should be enhanced with good night vision features. This will help you get clear videos of events during the night.

Harsh weather resistance

An outdoor CCTV will always be subject to different weather conditions, e.g. rains, dust etc a good one should function without malfunction in such situations. It should also be able to give clear videos in foggy conditions.

Motion sensing

In case you do not want a CCTV that records everything that is going on maybe because of storage space. You can have a motion sensing CCTV. This kind will sense a motion and start recording what is going on, if it is a wireless one, it can send the data to your smartphone.


One with this feature will not require wires to send data, instead, it will use a WiFi connection to send data of the recorded videos.

Best CCTV cameras in Kenya

With the above information, you can now pick the best CCTV camera model in the following list of best brands. For prices or to order from sellers in Kenya, check on The brands app. The app protects you from cons through Lipa na Escrow See details here.


Image: Hikvision CCTV camera

Hikvison is by far one of the best CCTV cameras providers in Kenya, they offer very wide variety of CCTV cameras to choose from. The video quality is usually good with most being 720p and above. Some will come with storage devices of up to 1TB. They have the wireless one too and availability of the cameras are in different channels just to suit your need.

Samsung CCTV cameras

Image: Samsung CCTV cameras

When the topic is electronics, this brand keeps popping up. It is no doubt that Samsung is global producer of electronics and always working to provide the best. If you are looking for an analog CCTV camera or a modern one, Samsung got you. The video quality is high with a pool of CCTV cameras to select from so do not hesitate to check this brand.

Vivotek CCTV cameras

Image: Vivotek CCTV camera

Vivotek is China based global producer just like the above brands. This one has been in the market for long and have been able to thrive well. This says a lot about its CCTVs, they come in different Channels offering the required video quality. The modern ones are also enhanced with current technology.

Axis CCTV cameras

Image: Axis CCTV camera

Yet another global brand with products in Kenya. There is a pool of CCTV cameras to use from from this brand, you will also get one to suite your needs. With technology and quality combined.

Other CCTV brands include Milestone, Bosh and of course you will still find more in the market, the bottom line is choosing an affordable model with features to fulfill your needs. Check for more on The Brands app, you will also get user reviews to help you choose the best.








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