Whether you are a professional photographer, a youtuber or you just do photography for leisure. You will need a  good camera. Here we will learn about cameras, features to consider when buying one and provide a list of best cameras in Kenya.

Cameras are essential for taking both photos and videos. This content can be used to keep memories, professional use, provide evidence, as learning materials, for news and many more cases.

Types of cameras

Cameras will come in many types in regard to features incorporated by the manufacturer. Here are the common types;

Compact cameras, this ones are also known as point and shoot. With this type of camera, all you need to do is point at what you want to record and shoot, the camera settings are auto and offer the user little control on them. This leaves no room for flexibility. The standard type of this camera do not have interchangeable lenses while the advance type may have. The lens size of the compact cameras is small making the pictures quality low. Most of the cases you will experience a lag before the photo is taken,they are however inexpensive and lightweight.

DSLR cameras, DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. This cameras are more advance and recommended in most cases too. The settings of the camera are manual meaning that you can be able to configure them to your needs. They have interchangeable lenses giving you flexibility of choice. Also, they have a large lens giving a higher image quality. The camera contains a mirror that reflects the right to the optical viewer. In the DSLRs there is no lag.

Mirrorless camera, this one operate like the DSLR type only that they do not have the mirror found on the DSLR type. You are likely to experience lags when using this cameras.

Features of cameras

There are various features to consider when buying a camera. Here are some of them;

Sensor, the sensor size is very important, as noted a big camera sensor gives more quality image as compared to a small one. This is because a big sensor will allow more light in hence more details of the object are visible.

Mega pixels, a camera with bigger MP is nice. However, the camera MP is not the only determinant of the image quality hence you should check for other specs too.

Zoom, optical zoom will help you get a clear picture of images that are not close. A camera with at least 5X is recommended.

Lenses, a camera with interchangeable lenses will provide flexibility as you record scenes. Here are some of the lenses you will find; ultra wide, wide angle, standard, zoom, macro and telephoto lenses.

Controls, a camera that gives you power to configure the settings is better since you will be able to adjust as scenes change.

Appearance and usage, the external look of the camera should suit you, also the control buttons should be easy and comfortable to use.

Image stabilization, this prevents blurring of the image that can be caused by moving of the camera.

Video shooting quality, the quality of video you get from your camera is important, while this will be your decision according to your needs, a 4k ultra HD camera will not be a bad choice.

Wireless, some cameras have the capability of sending data without the need of a wire. If you need this kind of functionality, be sure to check it in the specs list.

Water proof, if you are going to use the camera in outdoor activities, harsh weather conditions or underwater, one with the feature will be required.

Best cameras

With considerations of the above, here are some of the best brands you can pick a model from to suit your needs. For prices or to order from sellers in Kenya, check on The Brands app, the app protects you from cons through lipa na escrow, See details here.

Canon cameras

Image: Canon camera

This brand has been in the market for long. They offer both traditional cameras and the most recent digital cameras. The cameras they produce are of quality and preferred globally. models comes with high quality shooting features including ultra HD video quality, high mega pixels, WiFi connections and more. The downside is that you will have to dig deep in your pocket since the cameras are costly at most cases. However you should consider checking for current market price for your preferred model before giving up on checking on the brand’s camera.

Nikon Cameras

Image: Nikon camera

Just like the Canon, this brand has been in the market for long meaning that they have both the digital and traditional types of cameras. The long time in manufacturing means that the manufacturer has good experience hence good quality devices. They provide high quality photos and videos, they have wireless capabilities meaning that you can send data recorded to your smart devices such as smartphones. The cost is in most cases higher however.

Sony cameras

Image: Sony camera

Sony is an electronics provider, most of electronics are reputable so is its cameras. The brand offer cameras capable of giving you the quality you want. Some of the models are wireless meaning you can send data easily without use of wire connections. Another advantage is that they offer cameras at low cost affordable to most average users.

Panasonic cameras

Image: Panasonic camera

The brand is not new to the field of electronics. They brand their camera models Lumix, this cameras are usually of good performance and will help to get the job done. From video quality to wireless connections, speeds or mega pixels, you should give a look at the models from this brand.

Olympus cameras

Image: Olympus camera

Although they are not as popular as the above named brands, the Olympus cameras are still of quality that they are able to compete with any other cameras available globally. Video quality, modern technology and shooting capabilities been enhanced to fulfill  the users needs.

The above are among the top brands you can choose a camera model that can fit you need from. You can also make the best decision by usingThe Brands app and checking on user reviews about a certain camera so as to understand the expected user experience.






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