Megapixel, commonly abbreviated as MP is one of the most advertised feature by smartphone manufacturers. But is this feature really important? The answer to this will depend on your intended use of the smartphone’s camera. If your aim is to capture large photos with the smartphone camera,then the megapixel should be an important thing to consider. If the size of the image captured is not your main concern and you are only interested in quality then the smartphone megapixel is not an important case.


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The camera megapixel rating only determines the size of the image to be taken. The higher the rating the larger the image, for example a 8MP cameras will take smaller images than 16MP cameras. This means if you wanted to display an image captured using a smartphone on a large screen, say a projector, the 16MP camera photo will be larger than the 8MP one.

To easily understand this, take an example of a photo taken using a dumbphone (non smartphone) and that one taken using a smartphone. If you were to open the two images on a larger screen, e.g on a laptop, you will realize the smartphone’s image is larger. This is because a non smartphone has very low megapixel camera.

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