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Indexing on Google search can sometimes take weeks to months for most pages on your site, in turn, your important content will take very long to rank on Google. However, there is a way to get your WordPress pages and posts indexed faster on Google, that is what we will walk you through below.

rank math instant indeing plugin

We will use the Rank Math plugin and its addon, the Instant Indexing plugin. The two plugins will automatically submit posts or pages for fast indexing to Google immediately after you hit the publish button.

Note: You will need to have Google Search Console added to your website first, if you haven’t added Search Console yet, this article will guide you through.

Disclaimer: Having your website pages indexed is not a guarantee of ranking high on Google, however, it is the first step needed to rank. If your website is not indexed, it has no chance of appearing anywhere on Google.

Note: As the Rank Math team states, the Instant Indexing plugin uses Google Indexing API, Google recommends using the API for Job posting and BroadcastEvent embedded in VideoObject websites. Although the plugin works effectively for all websites, Google does not recommend using the API on Money making websites, you should hence proceed with caution.

Step by step Guide to ranking your WordPress Pages and Posts Faster on Google

Below is a full guide on how you will get fast indexing of your WordPress Website.

1. Install and configure Rank Math Plugin

As we stated earlier, Instant Indexing is an Addon of the Rank math Plugin, one will hence need to install and configure the Rank Math plugin. Rank Math is a plugin that assists with Search Engine Optimization of WordPress websites, it is among the best-rated SEO plugins.

Let’s hence install Rank Math by going to Plugins, Add New on the WordPress dashboard then search for Rank math, Install and Activate.

Rank math plugin

After activation, follow the Set up wizard to set up the plugin quickly and proceed to the next step below.

2. Install the Instant Indexing plugin

Now, go to Plugins, Add new then search for instant indexing, click on install and Activate.

Install instant indexing plugin

Next, Go to Rank Math, Instant indexing and choose the Google API settings options.

How to get Google Json key for WordPress Instant Indexing

A Google JSON Key is required for instant indexing to work, follow the Rank Math guide by clicking on Read our setup guide option. Rank math gives a full guide on how to step and get the JSnon Key.

Get Json Key

In a nutshell, you will need to:

  • Create an Instant Indexing Api project on the Google Cloud platform.
  • Create a Service account on the Google Cloud platform.
  • Add and download a JSON key.
  • Add the created Service account to your site Google Search Console.
  • Upload or Copy the JSON file contents to your WordPress Website

Once done, Upload the JSON file and choose what you want to be submitted automatically for instant indexing.

Upload Json Key

3. Submit your website for instant indexing

Now, you have everything set up but you will need to test if things are working. Click on console in the Instant indexing options, enter your website URL or URLs to other pages, choose Index Now and Send to API. You should get a Success Message meaning that the URLs have been submitted for Instant indexing.

Sucess instant indexing

Each time you post, your pages, posts or custom posts will be submitted automatically for instant indexing. In most cases, the indexing will take less than 24 hours.

One can also submit URLs manually Using the console or the Posts/Pages dashboard. Additionally, there are options to update a URL, check the status or even remove it from indexing.

Submit posts for instant indexing


With the Rank Math and Instant indexing plugins, you will get your WordPress content indexed on Google in less than 24 hours. This is the surest way to reduce the ranking time of your important content. Follow the simple steps above for quick indexing.

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