How to add a preloader

Most loader/Preloader plugins will show the loading icon minutes after the user made a click. In this guide, we will show you a simple to set up plugin that shows the loader icon immediately after a user clicks anywhere on your WordPress website.

Video: Setting up an on-click loader in WordPress.
A loader icon will help your visitors know that there is something happening after they make a click. This can be very important in case you converted your Website into an App but there is no immediate loader icon on the App.
There are other cases in which you may need a Preloader, but whichever the case, you do not want to use a Preloader that shows when the page has loaded halfway. Follow our guide to add an immediate loading icon after a click.

A step-by-step guide to adding a Preloader that shows immediately after clicking on WordPress

Below are the steps to follow.

1. Install the PWA for WP plugin

As we mentioned before, we tried various Preloader Plugins, however, the plugins would only show a loading icon after the page has loaded and not immediately after Click.

The PWA for WP plugin on the other hand shows the loading icon immediately after a click.

It is important to note that this plugin’s main functionality is enabling the Installation of your website as an App through the Add to Home screen. It additionally comes with a loader feature that works on all devices and browsers, this is what we will use.

To install the PWA for WP free plugin, go to Plugins, Add New on your WordPress dashboard and search for PWA for WP. Install the plugin and activate it.

2. Add a Preloader to your site

Now that you have the plugin active, Navigate to PWA then click on the features options.

PWA Features

Turn on the loader icon and click on the gear icon as shown below.

Turn on loader

On the overlay page that will show, you can customize the color of the loader and choose the devices you want the loader to show. If you want the loader to show on all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc, make sure Show Only in PWA is not ticked.

Loader settings

If you need a different icon rather than the default one, you will need to buy an extension that contains the Loading icon Library.

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3. Working loader/Preloader

To see the loader in action, visit your website on the front end in any browser, immediately you click on any links in your website, you will see a loading icon.

preloader show immediately after click

That is it, you now have a working Preloader/Loader on your WordPress website and it will show immediately after someone clicks both external and internal links.

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