Wireless earphones is a form of modern technology in action. This greatly simplifies listening of music and other processes such as communication. The wireless earphones are also referred to as earbuds. Below we are going to look at the best wireless earphones in Kenya and features to consider when picking one.

  • Tip: Check on buyers ratings and reviews on earbuds, this will give you an idea on expected performance. For example, by the time of writing this article, XIAOMI Mi True Wireless Earbuds basic had a 4.5 star rating from 17 buyers on Jumia. This means most users were highly satisfied by it’s performance.
    • How does an earbud work?

      The earbud/wireless earphone uses Bluetooth connection to get information from the host device/source, in some cases the earbud have a storage device reading mechanism e.g SD card slot that it gets information from. This requires the earphone to have a battery to power its operations and controls to operate it.

      Types of wireless earphones

      The earbuds can be classified into the following two categories, the naming can be confusing since the names sound similar, you should hence keenly note the difference between the two.

      Wireless earbuds

      wireless earbud


      In this type, the earbuds use Bluetooth connection hence they is no wire connection between the source device and earbud, however, there is usually a wire connecting the left earphone to the right one. This makes the type to be considered as not pure wireless.

      True wireless earbud

      true wireless earbud

      In this type, there is no any form of wire hence their name, true wireless. The connection is done through Bluetooth, they are usually lighter but expensive than the first mentioned type.

      Features of earbuds

      When choosing a wireless Bluetooth earphone, there are some important considerations you should make, below are some of the features to check for:


      A good earbud should be capable of performing more than one operation, some of the operations that the earbud you pick shouldn’t miss include;

          • Listening to music and other audio from Bluetooth enabled devices
          • Rejecting and answering calls
          • Volume control
          • Communication by use of a microphone

      Battery life

      As mentioned before, an earbud runs on a battery, a right one should have long battery life and a port for a charger. Most good earbuds batteries will last  between 3 days and 6 days depending on the usage. It is recommended to charge a new earbud for at least 2 hours.

      Noise cancellation

      Just like in headphones, some earbuds have this feature, this is where external sounds are filtered electronically ensuring that there are no disruption when listening to your music. The disadvantage of this feature is that your are blocked from the surrounding environment.

      Bluetooth connectivity

      Since the earbuds use Bluetooth connection, there is need for the device to sense signals even at a far distance, any earbud should have at least 3 M sensing capability, this can go up to 10 meters.

      Design and fit

      The earbud design should be such that it fits your ear, a good earbud have an adjustable design to fit small, medium or large ears. Some wireless earphones will also come with 270 degrees rotation to allow them to be used for both right and left ear.


      You do not want to have heavy item on your ear, you should hence go for light and utra light earbuds. Some will even go to as low as 15 grams in weight.


      As mentioned earlier, a good earbud should be multifuctional, this functions should have a way to control them in form of dials or buttons. This controls should be user friendly and easy to use also. Some of the controls include;

          • Volume control
          • Calls control
          • Switching on or off
          • Bluetooth switch

      SD Card slot

      In some cases, you might require to insert an external storage device into the earbud and listen to content from it. In such cases, you will require one with an SD card slot


      In case you will be using the earbud to give communications or orders, it should come with microphone to facilitate this.

      Best wireless Bluetooth earphones

      With the above features in consideration, below are some of the brands that you can pick an earbud model from.

          • Xiaomi earbud

      Redmi earbud

      Wireless earphones models from this brand have an overall good user review. Xiaomi is a popular manufacturer of quality smartphones and it’s earbuds are no less. The brand also have a pool or earbud models that you can pick from.

          • Haylou earbuds

      This another brand that gives quality model of wireless earphones that you can pick from. The features are different and robust in each model satisfying each users needs.

          • V9 earbud

      V9 earbud

      This are other good quality earphones, most users have a good experience with this earbuds from their reviews. One main challenge however about these earbuds is setting up of the earbud since the instructions are in  Chinese.

          • Airdots earbud

      Airdots is another manufacturer that is popular in production and offers different models of earbuds with good features that you can consider when picking one.

      Above are just but some of the top earbuds in Kenya, you will find more brands in the market however, if you find one with suitable features, do not hesitate to pick it. Cheers!!







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