Washing clothes can be tiring and time consuming at times. With a washing machine, you can simplify this process. We are going to look at best washing machines in Kenya, before that however, we will learn about the machines in regard to what one should look for, types of washing machines available and more. You can jump to the best laundry machines by clicking here


How does a washing machine work?

Just like we know, the laundry process involves removal of dirt using detergent/soap and water, after that, the water is dried from the clothes by squeezing it out then using hanging lines to sun dry. The washing machines use the same idea.

For the washing machine to work, it uses a system that tells it what to do, this is known as a program and you can control it using buttons. The inside of the machine has a rotatable drum with holes, there is also a second drum that does not have holes and is not rotatable, it’s work is holding water. The machine also have a motor that rotates the inner drum. Detergents/soaps are added through a dispenser available in the machine.

After you turn your washing machine on, the motor spins the inner drum and water from the inner drum enters through the the wholes, detergents are added from the dispenser. As the drum rotates, a paddle or agitator rubs the clothes removing dirt from the clothes. After the process of removing dirt is complete, water from the drum is pumped out. Clean water is added in the inner drum and the rising process takes place.

washing machine

After completing the rising, the machine uses the centrifuge effect to dry up the clothes. The rinsing water is pumped out and the drum is rotated at very high speeds, this causes the clothes to lose a lot of water through the drum holes. Now you can remove the clothes from the washing machine and dry them up since they will still have some percentage of water.

The image below shows a washing machine buttons/dials that helps you control the washing machine’s program

washing machine program dials

What do I require when using a washing machine?

When using a clothes washer, you will need the following:

1. Water, obviously, this is something you shouldn’t lack, you should also make sure that the water is available consistently.

2. A pipe system, the pipe system is used for feeding water to the machine and disposing of the used water to the drainage system.

3. Detergents, for efficient dirt removal, a detergent which is in most cases a soap is needed. The detergent remove dirt through the adhesive principle. They also give an amazing smell/ scent to your clothes.

4. Electricity, a washing machine is an electronic appliance and hence to run it, you will require electricity.

Types of washing machines

The laundry machines come in two main categories, that is;

1. Top loading wash machine and

2. Front loading washing machines

The two types can also be largely divided into; manual, semi automatic and full automatic washing machines.

Front load washing machines

front loading wash machine

With this one, the opening where you add the clothes is at the front. They are high recommended since they use little water and consume little energy. They can hence be referred to as environmental friendly. However, they have a disadvantage in that when you switch the machine on, you will have to wait till the washing process is over so that you can load more clothes or check the capacity available. Also, you will have to be used to bending when using it.

Top load washing machines

Top loading wash machines

On this type of washing machines, clothes are added using an opening at the top of the machine. With these types, you can load/add more clothes as the washing continues. They are however not energy and water efficient as the front load washers.

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Features to consider

Each model of a washer/laundry machine has it’s own unique features, for you to get the best, you will have to pick one with the best features. Here is some of the consideration to make.


Since your washing machine will use electricity, you should look for one that is energy efficient, this will prevent power wastage and also ensure you do not have high electricity bills to pay.


Different washers have different capacities depending with their size and design. If you have a lot of clothes, you should go for one with a huge capacity.

Multiple programs

Program is what controls the wash machine, for many functions, a machine should have more programs.


As mentioned earlier, a dispenser helps in adding detergents effectively, if your machine does not have a dispenser, you will need to add the detergents manually.

Mode of operations

A fully automatic machine is recommended, with such a machine you will do your washing without the need to control it in order to carry out the next operation.

Controls and status

The control buttons should not only be easy to use but also fully functional and user friendly. A machine that shows the status of the washing process is also a good choice since you will know what is going on inside the machine.

Best washing machines in Kenya

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After seeing the types and features you can choose from, here are some of the best washing machines brands that you can pick a model from with regard to the above.

1. LG Washing machine

LG washing machine

LG is global electronics producer brand, if you a looking for an efficient washer, you can pick a model from this brand. Whether you want a top load, front load or even automatic washing machine, LG got you.

2. Samsung washing machines

Samsung laundry machine

As we know, Samsung is global electronics producer with a good reputation, their laundry machines are no less. They have good features and are high performance. From high capacity to being available in both semi auto to full auto. Also, both the front load and top load are available from Samsung.

3. Kenwood washing machines

Kenwood washing machines

This brand is majorly popular for sound systems. It also provides washing machines that you can use for you clothes cleaning. The brand has a pool of the machines for you to pick from.

4. WKenmore washing machine

Kenmore washing machines

Although the brand is not very popular in Kenya, they offer some of the best wash machines globally. From top load machines to front load machines, you should consider checking on models from this brand.

Above are just but among the top brands offering the best models of washing machines. You can pick a model suiting your need from them, however, you will still find more brands in the market and it won’t be a bad idea comparing them with the above mentioned washing machines.

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