Duvets are one of the coolest bedding, with just a little weight, they are able to provide warmth during sleep, some will even control the amount of heat by expelling/absorbing the excess.. Below, we are going to see the best types of duvets in Kenya and factors to consider when choosing one.

A duvet is usually made of certain materials, the material is what determines what type it is. This material also largely contributes to other properties of the duvet, to get the best, you will have to consider those properties as we will see below.

Factors to consider when choosing a duvet

Below are some of the features you should consider in order to decide the type of duvet you will go for.

Tog rating

The main aim of using a duvet is for its warmth, tog rating is what shows the capabilities of warmth provision of a duvet. Each type of duvet has its own limits of warmth. Even within the type, there are different tog rating depending on the design and the concentration of the material used for the duvet.

Depending with the region you come from in Kenya, you can choose the right duvet in terms of warmth provision using the tog rating. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. 2.5 to 7 tog are good for warm regions while 10.5 to 13.5 tog are perfect for very cold regions. If however the region you come from has variance in temperature, you can go for a combined type duvet. With a combined type, they are usually two with different tog rating, e.g one with 4.5 for warmth times and the other 9 for cold times, combined they will give 13.5 for extremely cold times.


This is a thing you should be very keen on, the size you choose should be proportional to you bed and mattress size. The recommended duvet size is the one next to your bed size. For example, if you bed is 3X6 you should choose a duvet of 3.5X6. This will ensure that the duvet fully covers your bed. Below are some standards sizes (Width by length in feets) that you will come across:

  • 3X6
  • 3.5X6
  • 4X6
  • 4.5X6
  • 5X6
  • 6X6

Make sure you do the right choosing.


You definitely do not want to have a load on your top when sleeping. The duvet you choose should be hence light weight and still be able to provide warmth.


In terms of washability, it is just not how easy a duvet can be washed but also the type of washing you use. Some duvets are easily hand washed but machine washing them can damage them.

If hence you use a washing machine for your laundry, be sure to pick the light type. A good duvet should take less time to dry too.

Hypoallergenic duvets

Allergic people should be really concerned by this when making their choice. Hypoallergenic means that a duvet is not made of a material that is known to cause allergies. As we will see below, most duvets are hypoallergenic, however be keen to check which type is nonhypoallergenic also check on the manufacture description.

Color and patterns

While this is to your personal taste, your choice should be attractive and light up your bedroom. The color or pattern should also match the interior design of your bedroom.

Duvets will come as either plain color, imaged or with patterns. In case of patterns, they can be a mixture of colors or drawings, images are usually graphics of different items e.g animals,birds, rivers etc. In plain color, you will have a wide variety e.g white, red, black, green etc

Best types of duvets in Kenya

After seeing various features to look for, below are some types of duvets that you can pick by using the considerations.

Silk duvets

Silk duvets

Silk duvets are considered high end and are less popular among users. This is perhaps because they are expensive and hence need someone with a high budget. You can always note a silk duvet by its shiny appearance.

When you get yourself a silk duvet, you will enjoy a warm night and above that be on the advantage of their hypoallergenic and mite resistance features hence having a sound peaceful sleep. When washing, especially through a laundry machine, be cautious to prevent damages.

Wool duvets

Wool duvets

Wool duvets are made from wool from animals, in most cases sheep. They provide good warmth as you would imagine and also cool you when it is too hot.

The duvets are  hypoallergenic and resistance to dust mites. Washing at high temperatures or regularly will damage the duvet quickly.

Hollow fibre duvets

These are the most popular duvets among Kenyans, their prices are pocket friendly as compared to other duvets. The hollow fiber duvets are made of synthetic materials which are hypoallergenic.

This duvets can easily be washed regularly, whether with a washing machine or hand washing. The disadvantage of the duvets is that they last for a less period of time.

Feather and down

Feather and down duvet

Feather duvets give a warm night just like the wools ones. They are made from feathers from birds. In most cases, the duvets are allergic.

Washing of the duvets should be done cautiously and this is only hand washing since machine washing will damage them.

Microfiber duvets

Microfiber duvet

Microfiber duvets are suitable for any one who is looking for a light weight duvet. They are usually made of sythentic material just like the hollow fiber ones.

These duvets disadvantage is that they do not regulate heat because of their light weight, they also do not last long. However, they are easy to wash and because of they light weight, they will dry quickly.

Above are the top types of duvets you will find in the market, hope you can now choose one that suits you best. Cheers!! 



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