A thermos flask is important when it comes to keeping our drinks hot or cold. Below, we are going to look at best thermos flasks in Kenya and factors to consider when buying one.

The main purpose of a thermos flask also called a vacuum flask is to maintain the temperature of the liquid in it. It achieves this through its double walled design which is separated by a vacuum. Vacuum does not transfer heat hence no heat is added or reduced from the liquid inside.

Other design features that help the flask maintain the temperature of the liquid are:

  • A plastic stopper/lid, since plastic is a poor conductor of heat, no heat is lost or enters into the flask.
  • A plastic exterior, applying the above mentioned property of plastic (poor conductors of heat) there is prevention of loss and entry of heat.

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  • A shiny exterior, if the exterior of the flask is not made of plastic, it should be of a shiny material reflecting radiation hence preventing change of temperatures.
  • Above together with the vacuum between the interior and exterior wall of the flask prevent temperature change.

Factors to consider when choosing a vacuum flask

The main purpose of a flask is to keep your beverage hot, at least that is what most users use it for. The performance in regard to this mainly depends on the above mentioned points. Below, we will look at more considerations you should check for to make the best pick.


How many cups of storage do you need?Depending on various uses such as; personal use, family use, group hiking etc, you should choose the right capacity.

Capacity is usually indicated in liters, one liter is usually equal to 3 standard cups. Of course, the bigger the flask the more it should carry.

Exterior and interior of vacuum flask

As seen before, the materials used for design of a thermos will affect its performance. This does not affect performance only but also durability as seen below.

The interior of a thermos is in most cases made of glass or stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommended since it is unbreakable, however glass have an advantage over the stainless steel since it has zero risk of staining.

The exterior can be of stainless steel or plastic. Still, stainless steel is recommend since it is more durable. While plastics can allow for use of various colors and patterns since they do not conductor heat, stainless steel have to be shiny fot the purpose of reflecting heat.

If you pick a plastic thermos flask, the color or patterns used should satisfy your personal taste.

Ease of cleaning

The thermos design should allow for efficient or easy cleaning. When washing, it is recommend to use hot water and a liquid detergent then rinse with hot water still. In case your thermos has stains inside, you ahould clean using a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda and hot water.

Handle, lid and taps

The handles of the flask should be easy to use, they should allow for efficient carrying and emptying of the flask.

The lid as mentioned earlier should be made of plastic to prevent heat loss and should hold the flask tightly preventing any air loss and spillage of the beverage inside.

Some flasks will also have taps, such that you do not have to open the lid each time you want to drink your beverage. The tap in most cases is located on the lid, it should be easy to use and also easy to clean.


The flask you choose should have light self weight. This will reduce the amount of weight you will have to carry when the flask have some content.

List of best thermos flask

After looking at factors to consider, below are some top flasks that you can pick from by applying the above considerations.

Signature thermos flask

Signature flask

Signature is a major brand in provision of home appliances in Kenya, signature thermos flasks are of high quality and are made of stainless steel making it more durable. The flask are also available in different capacities hence you may not miss your choice.

Always thermos flasks

Always flask

This is another brand that you can pick a thermos from, although it is not as popular as the above, it still offers quality flasks. The flasks are made of stainless steel making it more durable, however, you might be limited to the sizes available.

Tefal mambo thermos flasks

Tefakl mambo flask

This flasks are of highly quality and are available in different designs and capacities. Some are made of plastic exterior while others are made of stainless steel.

Kifaru thermos flasks

Kifaru flask

This Flasks are made by Adix one of the popular plastic manufacturers in Kenya. They are of relative quality and available at affordable prices. The exterior of the flasks are made of plastic with various designs while the interior is glass.

Other flasks from Adix include: Twiga, Tembo, Giant and capatain. You can visit their website for more details and prices.

Above are just but some top best thermos flasks in the Kenyan market. You will however find more, if you find a suitable one, do not hesitate to pick it. Cheers!!



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