A subwoofer is a handy sound system to those of us who love music and movies. Sometimes one is needed in a business setting too. The subwoofer converts sound into amazing bass and treble, we are first going to see how it does this, however, you can still jump to the best subwoofers in Kenya section.

What is a subwoofer?

It is a sound system device with speakers or a speaker and amplifier capable of handling low sound frequencies in a range of 20HZ- 200Hz. Subwoofers may come with an in built amplifier, also, some require an external amplifier. The onces in this article come with an inbuilt amplifier.

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Understanding features of a subwoofer:

The main two features that you need to understand which are not obvious in a subwoofer are RMS and Frequencies.

What is RMS?

Root Mean Square abbreviated as RMS in the specification list is the amount of power (Watts) the amplifier of a subwoofer can delivery continuously without damage. The higher the RMS the better the subwoofer.

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This is the capability of a subwoofer handling sounds, from very low sounds to high sounds. A good sub woofer should be able to handle sounds with a low frequency of about 20HZ, the  recommended frequency setting for a home use subwoofer is 80 Hz. If the frequency rating of  a subwoofer ranges between 20HZ and above 200Hz, then it is something to go by. In commercial setting, a subwoofer with a frequency below 20Hz may be needed but of course it is costlier.

Other features:

After considering the above two specifications, here is a list of other common features you should consider in regard to your desired use of the subwoofer.

Bluetooth capabilities, this feature will allow you to connect and play audio without the use of wires. If your laptop is Bluetooth enabled or your smartphone, you can connect easily to the subwoofer.

Ports, a good subwoofer should have all necessary ports, some of the common ports one should not lack are, USB port, SD card reader slot, audio in port and audio out port.

Remote, you will be able to control your subwoofer from the comfort of your couch.

FM radio, this should be incorporated in the subwoofer you choose unless you aren’t a fan of updates, amazing radio programs and news.

Number of channel speakers, most subwoofers will have two channel speakers, according to your needs, you might require more, choose accordingly.

Other accessories that you may need:

With respect to the use of the subwoofer, you might realize that you will require more accessories, for example, if your laptop does not have bluetooth connectivity, or the subwoofer doesn’t, you will need a subwoofer cable, other components that you may require are a flashdisk and an SD card reader

Image: Subwoofer cable, flashdisk and sd card reader

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Top best subwoofers brands in Kenya

From the brands below, you can pick your subwoofers, since you now understand specifications from the discussion above, you will be able to pick the best according to your features requirement and price.



Each Brand comes with different models to suite your needs and affordability.

1. Sayona

Image: Sayona subwoofer

Sayona subwoofers have been in the Kenya market for long now, they provide subwoofers with quality performance. Most of their models will come with standard features such as Bluetooth connections, FM radio, high RMs and efficiency.

2. Tagwood

Image: Tagwood subwoofer

Tagwood is a global brand that specializes in electronics, particularly they have a wide range of of sound systems to pick from, this means you will enjoy a lot of choices from the brand and also superior qualities of their models.

3. Ampex

Image: Ampex

Ampex, another producer of electronics have they subwoofers available in Kenya. If you are looking for one with sound quality, sound effects, Bluetooth capabilities and more, you can consider this Brand.

4. Von hotpoint

Image: Von hotpoint subwoofer

The brand is popular for its house appliances in Kenya, it also have some range of subwoofer models that you can choose from.

5. Djack

Image: Djack subwoofer

Yet, another Sound system manufacturers, the models have different specifications, you will find one suiting your needs.

6. Polysonic

Image: Polysonic subwoofer

The brand still offers amazing subwoofers with all features you would expect. Different models will have different designs to suite your needs.

7. Kenwood


Image: Kenwood subwoofer

The brand is popular for its sound systems, although it might not have a lot of subwoofers to choose from, the few available are of high quality.


Image; Sony subwoofer

Sony is a global producer of electronics, from TVs to Sound systems, they are known for their quality production and the subwoofers are no exception. You can definitely choose from the brand.

The above are just but among the top subwoofer brands in Kenya, you will find more in the market.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqgl5yaee17″ html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is the price of a subwoofer in Kenya?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]Subwoofers are available starting from Ksh 2,500. The cost increases with the capabilities of a subwoofer.[/sc_fs_faq]

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