Get a list of best smartwatches in Kenya below. We are also going to look at features you will need to consider when purchasing a smartwatch. How it works and some plus knowledge.

Tradition watches have been used to tell time and give a sense of fashion and class. Smartwatches have turned this to an even more interesting device that every one desires.

What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a portable device that runs on special operating systems (meant for watches) and is able to to tell time and above that perform more functions through available apps.

How does a smartwatch work?

A smartwatch usually operate through an operating systems that comes preinstalled in the watch and meant for use on smartwatches only. For example, Apple watch OS. To use a smartwatch, you will require to have a smartphone that operating system is compatible with the watch. (We are going to look at smartwatches OS compatibility with smartphones later).

You will need to connect your smartphone with the watch. First, install the particular watch Os app on your smartphone. For example, Android wear app. Turn your Bluetooth on and connect with your smartwatch. You will receive a notification upon successful connection. After that, you will start receiving notifications on your smartwatch on activities from the connected smartphone, receive calls through the smartwatch, track activities and many more. It is worth noting that LTE smartwatches have the capability of running as a stand alone, that is, run all operations without a need for a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

User cases of a smartwatches in Kenya

Wondering where to apply or use a smartwatch? Below are some of the applicable areas of a smartwatch.

Receiving calls and sending text messages, yes, with a smartwatch, you will be able to receive calls, make calls, receive short messages and reply to text messages without accessing your smartphone.

Operate apps, smartwatches will come with some apps installed. You will not be able to just operate the apps on your smartwatch alone. Also be able to operate apps on your smartphone.

Health tracking, whether you are going jogging, or you want to track the amount of calories intake, track sleep, water intake or even heart beat. A smartwatch with the necessary features such as GPS and tracking enabled will help you achieve this.

Athletics, if you are a professional athletic or you do it for leisure, a smartwatch will be a great device for you. Smartwatches with the necessary features will give you real time updates on you pace as you run or cycle. They will also track your heart beat and record distance covered.

Swimming, just like in athletics, a smartwatch will help you track your swimming skills. Most of the smartwatches are water proof hence you do not have to worry of using them under water.

Media playing, some smartwatches in Kenya will come with their own speakers while others can be connected to external sound devices such as headphones. You can play your favorite music through such smartwatch.

Fashion, a tradition watch will provide a sense of fashion, a smartwatch however is far way better, they come with very awesome colors and models that leaves you heart bumping, you will just fall in love with them.

As you can see above, the smartwatch will not just tell time, it will help you achieve more functions through its enhanced features, in fact, the above are not the only capabilities of a smartwatch, the features list below can tell.

Features of smartwatches in Kenya

Every smartphone model comes with its own features. It is upon you to choose the best according to the features that full fill your need. Here are some of the most enhanced popular features of smartwatches;


This a feature that most smartphones have. With this feature, they are able to track location and combine the results with other operations to achieve a specific task, for a example, pace tracking.


It is plenty obvious that a device that comes with an operating system will also a have a Random Access Memory. This memory stores information that is needed by running apps. Although smartwatches do not have that big RAM, the bigger it is, the more speedy it is, most smartwatches RAM will range between 0.75GB to 1.5GB.

Headphones and Speakers

As noted earlier, some smartwatches will come with speakers installed, others can be connected to headphones through Bluetooth. This assist you on picking up calls or playing music.


Although all smartwatches  will send notifications, each has different capabilities on which type of notification it sends. This largely depends on other features.

Voice reply

Most enhanced smartwatches are usually voice reply enhanced, that is, you can reply to the smartphone and it will carry out operations as requested.

Battery life

Each smartwatch operates through a rechargeable battery. It is hence good to choose one that stays long before the next recharge.

Water resistant

Most of them are water resistant. However, it is important to check whether the one you are purchasing have this feature especially if you plan to use it in water surrounding places.

Color and style

Every smartwatch will have its own style, from men like to women style, colors are usually fashionable and will define class. This of course will be to your personal taste.

Smartwatches Operating Systems

Just like there is a pool of smartphones operating systems to choose from, check smarphones, there is pool of watches OS out there, However, we are going to look at the three most popular.

Apple watch OS

This is a watch OS designed by Apple Inc the manufacturer of the popular iPhone smartphones that operate on its special operating system, iOS. Just like its smartphone operating system, the Apple watch OS is reputable for its features and performance. The downside is that it is only compatible with iPhone smartphones only. It is also relative costly compared to other watches running on different OS.

Wear OS

This watch operating system is run by Google, the owner of the popular Android operating system for smartphones. Formerly, it was known as Android wear. One advantage of this OS is that it is compatible with all Android smartphones which are very popular in Kenya and is still compatible with iPhone smartphones.

Tizen OS

This smartwatches Operating System is run and operated by Samsung. Unlike the Samsung smartphones that run on Android OS, Samsung made it own OS for its smartwatches. The upside of the Tizen Operating system is that it is compatible with both iPhone (operating on iOS) and Android OS smartphones.

Best smartwatches in Kenya

Now that we have learnt some knowledge that can help us choose the best. Let us see the top brands that you can chose a smartwatch Model from. For smartwatches prices, check on the The Brands app. The helps you order items from Kenyan sellers, it also protects you from cons through lipa na escrow, See details here.

Samsung smartwatches

Image: Samsung smartwatch

Samsung is a big electronics brand. It is known for producing some of the best electronics in the world. Its smartwatches are no exception, they are usually high performance, with smooth scrolling and faster speeds. A model from this brand will not be a bad choice. The downside of it is that the number of apps that come with this smartwatches are limited as compared to other smartwatches that run on different Os, (remember Samsung smartwatches runs on its Os- Tizen Os).

Apple watch

Image: Apple watch

Just like the iPhone, Apple Inc produces high quality smartwatches. There is also a pool of modelS to choose from, the latest being Apple watch series 5. Their watches have a very good user review meaning they are made to get the job done. However, to use this watches, you must have an iPhone. Another disadvantage is that just like the iPhone, the smartwatch watches are costlier.

Huawei watch

Image: Huawei watch

Huawei is China based company with its electronics products being among the most trusted globally. It produces robust smartwatches that runs on Android wear and are compatible with all android and iOS smartphones. They have  a pool of models for you to choose from.

Fossil watches

Image: Fossil smartwatches

This smartwatches are reputable all over the world. The latest of their models come enhanced with features like any other big brands have. You can pick calls send text messages, listen to music and do more with their smartwatches. The watches runs on wear OS meaning they are compatible with both iPhone and android smartphones but are recommended for android.

The above are just but among the most popular smartwatches brands in Kenya. There are of course more, you can get the best prices accompanied by user reviews to help you choose on The Brands App.






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