Pressure cookers are great home appliances that speed up the cooking process by about 10 times, above this, they make cooking easier. Below, we are going to see the best pressure cookers in Kenya and features to consider when picking one.

Pressure cookers  use a liquid which is in most cases water. This liquid is heated up till it turns to steam. The steam is then used to heat food, this makes cooking fast and also less nutrients are lost.

Types of pressure cookers

When making a choice, you will need to understanding which cooker to go for. The types can be classified based on two parameters and in each, you will have to choose one that suits you. The two are based on:

  • Technology and
  • Functionality


Based on the technology used for the pressure cooker, pressure cookers are classified in the following three categories.

First generation pressure cookers

This were the first pressure cookers and they are almost being faced out in the market. They usually have a light weight valve that is designed to release pressure to the pot. The cookers only have one pressure level and are noisy.

Second generation pressure cookers

These cookers are a great improvement from the previous. They have a spring valve, pressure control dials, less noisy and more safety improved.

Third generation cookers

These cookers are also known as Electric pressure cookers. They are highly automated hence requiring less supervision when cooking. They come with dual pressure, control dials and timers. They can be used to steamer, staute, slow cooking or even fast cooking.


In terms of functions, the classification is done with regard to the pressure control. Below are the two types.

Single function pressure cooker

With the single function type, there is only one pressure available. This is usually as predefined by the manufacturer. The above makes these cookers less suitable as they have only limited cooking.

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Multifunction pressure cooker

These pressure cookers are capable of handling more functions. This is greatly enabled by the multiple pressure settings available. Some of the functions of the cookers include;

  •  Slow cooking
  • Fast cooking
  • Saute cooking
  • Steamer
  • Pressure cooking
  • Some foods that can be cooked with these  multi cookers include;
  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Meat etc

Factors to consider when picking a pressure cooker

After choosing a type, you should go a head and check the following features in order to pick the best brand or the best model in a certain brand.


Depending on the amount of food you intend to cook, you will have to choose a pressure cooker with the right volume. Of course, the amount of food depends with the number of people. Capacity is indicated using Liters, below are some recommended capacities with regard to the number of people.

Disclaimer: The below information  is from Saral, a manufacturer of pressure cookers in kenya

3Liters  3-4 people

5Liters  5-7 people

7.5Liters  7-10 people

10Liters  10-14 people

12Liters  12-17 people


The interior of most pressure cookers is made of aluminum. This is the most recommend material and hence you should be sure to check if the cooker you are choosing is made of interior aluminum.

The exterior of the pressure cookers is sometimes made with stainless steel for durability purpose. However, some manufacturers will use an aluminum exterior. The handles of the pressure cooker should be made of heat and electric proof material.


Our safety is very important and since pressure cookers use electricity and there is heat produced, the cooker you choose should be designed with your safety in mind. Some safety design features include:

  • Electric and heat proof handles
  • Explosion proof
  • Safety valve

Safety precautions you should take when using a pressure cooker:

  • Never use flammable liquids or cooking oil as the pressure cooker liquid. Water is highly recommended.
  • The pressure cooker should not be filled more that 3/4 this is to leave space for steam expansion.
  • In case of high rising foods such as rice, only fill halfway.
  • Always check whether the valve is blocked and unblock incase of blockage.


Most modern pressure cookers come with different pressure levels. To be able to make the right settings, there are usually controls either as buttons or dials. These controls should be easy to use and user friendly. A good cooker should have pressure indicators so that one can know the pressure being used.

Best pressure cookers

Below are some of the top pressure cookers brands that you can apply the above considerations in order to pick a model that suits you best.

Von pressure cookers

Von pressure cooker

Von is a top electronic appliances brand in Kenya. It offers top quality pressure cookers including modern based cookers with different pressure settings, good controls and safety design being regarded.

Saral pressure cookers

Saral pressure cooker

Saral is another brand that offers quality cookers. With a wide range of capacities available to choose and more models including modern pressure cookers

Sayona pressure cookers

Sayona oressure cooker

This is another popular electronics brand in Kenya. Its pressure cookers are well designed with large wide of capacities available.

Matrix pressure cookers

Matrix pressure cooker

Pressure cookers from matrix comes with cool features with safety design being put in place. You can therefore consider this brand when making your decision.

Above are just but some top pressure cookers in Kenya, you will however find more brands in the markert. If you find a more suitable one, do not hesitate to pick it.

Washing your pressure cooker

Washing the cooker is done normally in most cases. Use hot water and soap plus a sponge to scrub the inside and lid. In case of sticky subtances, you can use baking soda to remove them.

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