Perfumes give an attractive scent that we all like when used. Below, we are going to see the best perfumes in Kenya and things to consider when buying one.

The important thing when choosing a perfume is to understand your taste and various terms used by manufacturers especially to tell how long a fragrance lasts. To have a clear understanding of this, we will see various classifications of Perfumes.

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Classification of perfumes

To get a clear understanding and simplify the choosing process, we are going to classify them in the following two classes:

  • Classification by Scent and

Classification by lasting time of fragrance

When making your choice now,  you will first look for your fragrance(scent) and then choose one that lasts for  your targeted time.

Classification by scent

Scent is the sweet smell produced by a perfume,  it is also referred to as fragrance. The scent of a perfume is mainly determined by  what it is made of as we will see below.


This types have a sweet and flower like scent. In  most cases they will be labeled with the flower scent they mimick e.g Rose, lilies, jasmie etc.


They give a refreshing scent that is almost similar to that of most bathing soaps. These types are made from citrus fruits e.g Lemon.


They usually give a strong bold fragrance. They are most suitable for women. They are made with items such as vanilla.


Just like the word goes, the scent from these perfumes is close to woods. They are made from sweet smelling wood e.g cedarwood, sandalwood etc.


The fragrance from oceanic perfumes is more natural such as mountain air.

Classification based on fragrance lasting time

After applying a perfume, it will last for a certain amount of time. This depends on the concentration of perfume oil and alcohol. The higher the perfume oil concentration the stronger the fragrance and the more time it Will last.

The following are common lables you should check for in order to know their lasting time.

Eau Fraiche

These perfumes usually contain the lowest concentration of perfume oil of about 1-3%. They last for 1 to 2 hours and are also inexpensive.

Eau de Cologne

These ones are still low with the concentration being about 2-5%. The lasting time is not long too, it ranges between 2 to 3 hours.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

For these ones, the perfume oil concentration is about 4-15%. And lasts between 2 to 4 hours.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

The concentration of perfume oil in these types is a bit high ranging between 10-15%. They also last longer somewhere in between 4-6 hours.


This ones are the strongest and are characterizes by being thick. The concentration is usually between 15-40% and they can last for upto 8 hours.

List of best Perfumes

After seeing things to consider when choosing a perfume, lets look at the top perfume brands so that now you can make a complete pick. For example; Versman trendy EDP.

Versman perfumes


This is perhaps one of the best perfume especially for men with a very strong fragrance.  Variants  include; indulge for men, sporty for men and trendy.  Most  common size is 100ml.

Elizabeth Arden perfumes

Elizabeth Arden

This perfume brand mainly concentrates on women. They have a very wide range  of variants that you can pick from including; red door, green tea, blue glass, sunflower summer  true love, white tea etc. Still most of their perfumes are available in 100ml size.

Dolce & Gabbana perfumes

Dolce gabbana

This brand offers different perfumes for both men and women variants including; light blue, rose, royal night etc The variants are available in 100ml in most cases. You can visit their website for more details.

Fasio perfume


Although there is only one pink variant available from this manufacturer, it is still of quality and a nice pick for women with the size being 100ml.

Brown orchid perfume

Brown orchid

This is yet another quality perfume, while most of the available choices are for men the brand also offers women perfumes. Variants include; unisex, for men, rose and for women. Most of its perfumes are available in 80ml size.

Above are just but some top best perfumes in the Kenyan market, you will however find more and hence should not desist any other brand that is suitable.



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