A modem is an important computer accessory, it is handy if you want to access the internet through a computer or laptop. Below we are going to look at best modems in Kenya and somethings to consider when picking one.

Modems usually do not require any power to work, they are connected to the computer trough the USB port. Since the computer do not a have sim card slot like a mobilephone, the modem serves as the sim card slot, you will also require a sim card from a service provider operating in Kenya e.g, Safaricom, Telkom etc. This card is fixed in the modem and should be loaded with bundles.

As mentioned, you will need to connect the modem through a USB port, if you want to connect through a wireless connection you can check best Mifi/ portable WiFi gadgets. The Mifi also have another advantage, it can connect many devices or many users can use one device.  Your computer should be WiFi enabled in order to use the wireless gadget.

Features of modems

Different modems will have different features, here are some of them that you should consider.

Universal compatibility

As mentioned above, the modem requires a Sim card. A good modem should be compatible with all service providers cards. It is good to note that some modems are compatible with only one network especially if it is from a service certain provider.

Internet speed

The current latest internet speed in the market is 5G, however, this has not been fully launched in the market. It is hence recommended to go for one that supports at least the ones largely available. The best modem should support 4G and 3G internet speeds.


Most modems will come with  a storage space available, if you are looking for an extra storage, you can pick one with high capacity storage. Some modems even have an SD card slot that can support up to 32 GB SD cards, this gives you an extra storage.

Best modems

Below are some of the top modems that you can use for internet access through your computer.

Huawei modem

Huawei is a popular brand all over the world, the manufacturer also offers modems that you can use conveniently. One advantage is that the modems are universal.

Hsdpa modem


Just like the above mentioned modem, Hsdpa modem is a universal one allowing for use of different Sim cards instead of specific one.

Safaricom modem

safaricom modem

Safaricom is the most popular service provider among Kenyans, they also offer modems, the disadvantage being they only support their sim card hence you should only go for it if you are planning on using a Safaricom Sim card. Safaricom is set to launch the 5G network in Kenya making it even more suitable when they do.

Telkom modem

telkom modem

This is another service provider in Kenya, they offer modems that support their sim cards, if you are using a Telkom sim card only, you can pick it. Most people consider Telkom data plans affordable and convenient.

Airtel modem

Just like the above two, Airtel a service provider in Kenya offers modems that support their Sim Cards. Just like Telkom, most people consider their data plans suitable.

Above are some of the top modems in Kenya, you will however find more modems in the market. If you find a suitable one, do not hesitate to pick it.


Setting up a modem

If you find challenges when using your modem or the modem fails to connect automatically, follow the following steps:

  • Connect the modem through the USB port
  • Access your control panel in the PC
  • Choose Network and internet
  • Click on Set up connection or network then choose set up dial connection and choose the USB option
  • Enter your username, dial up number and password, this details can be gotten from services providers such as Safaricom, Telkom or Airtell
  • Hit enter and if the connection is successful, you will be promoted to using the internet query, on accepting, you default browser will be opened and you can now use the internet.

We hope that the above guide will assist you pick the best modem for your computer or laptop, cheers!

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