Microwaves are an efficient way of preparing food, they do not just help you cook your food, they also assist you when you want to heat or warm it. Below we are going to look at best microwaves in Kenya but before that we will see various features to look for when buying one and some added knowledge.

How does a microwave work?

In simple terms, a microwave working process can be explained using the Sun. Rays from the sun usually heat up surfaces that are exposed to them, same way, the microwave produces electromagnetic waves which are known as microwaves. The produced microwaves have energy which heats up the food, the food to be cooked is usually inside an oven in the microwave. Since microwaves can be harmful, microwaves are surrounded by a very thick metal box to prevent them from escaping to the outside. See more at explainthatstuff.com. Note: Although some people are skeptical about microwaves, they are not known to cause any harm when cooking since their invention in the 1950s.

working of microwaves

Benefits of using microwaves

Microwaves have huge benefits when used for cooking, some of the major benefits are the following

1. Unlike in other forms of cooking such as ovens and gas cookers less energy is needed for cooking. This is because the oven do not have to heat up first before cooking starts, food is directly exposed to the heat instead.

2. The microwaves are time saving, as mentioned above, they do not require preheating, also the amount of energy produced is high and loss is very minimum. This leads to very fast performance.

3. Most microwaves come with temperature control features, this allows to cook in the exact needed temperature for each food.

4. Since microwaves do not use fire for cooking purposes, there is low risk of fire occurrence unlike in other cooking methods such as use of LPG cooking gas.

5. Since microwaves heat food directly, you will not require other crockery that are often required in other cooking methods such as sufuria/cooking dishes.

6. Microwaves are easy to clean.

Features to consider in microwaves

Different microwaves models have different features, to get the best, you will have to put into considerations some features listed below.


Different microwaves come in different sizes, according to your intended quantity of cooking you will choose a favorable size. Normally, the capacity is usually indicated in Liters. According to European suggested standards which are oftenly used by manufacturers, the capacities are usually 20, 23, 25 and 28 liters. Note; 1 Liter is equal to 1 Kilogram(Kg).

Cooking functions

Depending on the model of the microwave, the number of cooking functions will vary, for example some microwaves can heat/cook; beverages, meat, popcorns, fish, potatoes etc. Other microwaves have limited number of functions compared to others, in most cases, this is usually indicated in the features list, you should choose according to your need.


Since microwaves are run by electricity, they will require certain power amount. The small the functions and the small the size, the less the power a microwave should use. The common range of microwaves power requirement is between 600-1200 watts. Make sure you choose one that uses power according to its functions. For example, a microwave with 3 functions should not require high power than those with about 8 functions.


Operation of the microwave is done through buttons or dials, the controls should be user friendly and easy to use. Also, if the microwave has high number of functions, controls should be available to switch between these functions.


The material in this case is the Internal casing, it is highly recommended that the inner casing of the microwave be of stainless steel. This is because stainless steel does not produce harmful substances, does not rust and is easy to clean.


This main applies if you have kids in your home, you should go for one with child lock feature. This ensures that a child can not access the oven reducing the risk of accidents.

Timers and auto functions

Most modern microwaves have these features. In such cases, you can set the time when the cooking process will start and end making the process efficient and timely.


We all like beautiful things? don’t we? Different microwaves have different colors, some have plastic coverings while other have stainless steel casings. The handles and controls maybe decorated with different materials such as sliver metal or even colors. Choose one that fits your taste.

Types of microwaves

Depending on different factors, microwaves can be classified into different types as we will see.

Based on location

Based on where the microwave can be placed on your kitchen, they can be classified into the following;

Countertop microwaves

counter top microwaves

These ones are usually portable and inexpensive. They are ideal if you have counter spaces in your kitchen. They actually can be placed almost anywhere.

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Over the range microwaves

over the range microwave

These are designed to be installed above cook tops as you can see above. In most cases, you might require a profession to help you install it. Also they are not flexible like the countertop ones, however, they are useful if you do not have counter space.

Based on heat transfer

In the oven, heat is distributed in different forms. The following are some common types of microwaves in regard to this.

Convection microwaves

In this type of microwaves, there is a fan and a heating element, as the heating continues the fan will distribute the heat in the microwave ensuring that cooking happens evenly. These types of microwaves are recommended as compared to the ones mentioned below.

Inverter microwaves

In this types, an invert is used instead of a magnetic coil or a transformer. This largely reduces the amount of energy needed. The inverter also allows for adjustment of heat as you do the cooking.

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Best microwaves models in Kenya

The microwaves below are some of the best in the Kenyan market. When doing the picking, we considered their features and above that looked at buyers reviews in order to determine which had the best performance. Prices indicated below might by time and depending with the seller you get the microwave from.

Ramtons RM/458

Ramtons microwave
This Ramtons microwave oven comes at the top of our list and is our perfect recommendation. With a capacity of 20 Liters, the microwave is good for small households. It consumes less power and have 5 power levels to make sure you can use the level which you need according to your need. The microwave has 8 auto menus, a digital timer, cook end signal and a child lock safety. Though the price is slightly high, going for the microwave will be worth your cash.
Price ranging; KSH 7,594
Current price; See on Jumia


This attractive Von manual microwave gives value for your money. The capacity is 20 Liters and has two selector knobs, the power levels are 6 which include; low, defrost, medium-low, medium, medium high and high. Added to this is timer knob and durable cavity door.
Price ranging; KSH 5,995
Current price; See on Jumia

Bruhm BMO-925EG

Bruhm microwave
This is a top quality microwave from Bruhm with a fair large capacity of 25 Liters. It has an auto menu, a digital clock and a 99 minutes cooking time. The blender does not consume a lot of power hence efficient.
Price ranging; KSH 9,250
Current price; See on Jumia

Mika MMW2032/S

Mika microwave
This is 20 Liters classic microwave from Mika. The microwave is a digital one with ten levels power control, digital clock, safety child lock, durable glass door and program cooking. From the above features, you can definitely pick this microwave.
Price ranging; KSH 7,795
Current price; See on Jumia

Ramtons RM/550

Ramtons RM
The microwave is another quality model from Ramtons. The capacity of the microwave is 23 Liters and from buyers reviews, this microwave performance is to the point. The microwave comes with 7 auto menus, 11 power control levels, speed defrost and has 99 minutes cooking time. Added to the microwave is grill.
Price ranging; KSH 9,830
Current price; See on Jumia

Binatone MWO-2520

Binatone microwave
This is large quality microwave from Binatone with a capacity of 25 liters. It has 5 power control levels, rotating glass pilate and defrost section. Cleaning of the oven is also simple because of it design.
Price ranging; KSH 7,295
Current price; See on Jumia

Lyons D70H20AL-D4

Lyons microwave
Offered by Lyons an electronic appliances provider in Kenya, the digital microwave has a capacity of 20 liters. The microwave comes with a digital clock, durable glass door, program cooking and preset & Express. Added to this is grill, with it, the microwave gives a microwave grill combination function. Going for this microwave will not leave you with any regrets.
Price ranging; KSH 7,200
Current price; See on Jumia

Nexus NXK-9201R

Nexus microwave
With a capacity of 20 Liters, the microwave is cool pick. The microwave is less noisy while it is fast cooking with 5 power control levels. This oven is easy to clean with a grey cavity and has a defrost function.
Price ranging; KSH 6,400
Current price; See on Jumia

Best microwaves brands

From the above, we hope you can now be able to pick the best model from top brands mentioned below.

1. Bruhm microwaves

bruhm microwaves

Bruhm, a home appliance brand offer a variety of quality microwaves that you can pick from. From traditional ones, modern/digital to different capacities microwaves.

2. Saturn microwaves

This brand offer super microwaves with robust features to choose from. You will also have a variety to choose from from the models. You can pick one from this one.

saturn microwaves

3. Armco microwaves

armco microwaves

Just like the above two brands, armco provides home appliances of high quality. They have a pool of microwaves that you can pick from.

Above are some of the top best microwave brands that you can pick a model from. However, there are still more brands you will find in the market, e.g Signature, Ramtons and more. If you find a suitable model from other brands, do not hesitate to purchase it.

We hope you choose the best microwave for your cooking. Cheers!!







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