A mattress is perhaps the most important item in your bedroom, I mean, you can lack a bed but not a mattress in your bedroom. Below, we are going to look at best mattress in Kenya, things you should consider when picking one and available sizes from this top brands.

A good mattress should definitely provide the much needed comfort and a peaceful rest. This means that the manufacturer have to put this in their design in order to give the best. The guide below will help you determine which mattresses are made with you in mind.

Factors to consider when picking a mattress

When making your choice, you will have to consider the following in order to end up with the best.


This is perhaps the most important feature we all should look at when picking a mattress. There are various things to consider in regard to size as we will see below.

a. Bed size

In regard to size, the first thing to note is that the size of the mattress you pick should be equal to your bed. This is to allow a perfect fit of the mattress on your bed.

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The mattress-bed fit is a both way factor, if you acquire one before the other, you have to make sure that the other is the same size. In most cases the sizes are usually standard and are stated in regard to the Length and Width.

The following are mattress sizes (Length by Width in feets) in regard to bed size:

Adult beds

  • 6X3
  • 6X3.5
  • 6X4
  • 6X4.5
  • 6X5
  • 6X6

Children sizes

  • 4X2
  • 4X2.5
  • 5X2.5

b. Thickness

The thickness of the mattress you choose will be dependent on the weight of the user, the targeted durability and your budget. Below are some common thickness sizes:

  • 3 Inches
  • 4 Inches
  • 6 Inches
  • 7 Inches and
  • 8 Inches

c. In regard to density

This is another size factor to check, mattresses will mainly come as the density type and non-density type. In the density type, there is high density and medium density. Although the high density is recommended, you can pick the medium density but go for a thicker size.

Types of mattress

Different manufacturers will use different techniques when making the mattresses. This includes use of various materials to give various types of mattresses. Below is look at some of this types;

a. Foam mattresses

This are perhaps the most common types, they are usually of high density and viscous. They structure allows them to absorb pressure or reduce pressure impact. They are also responsive to temperature and weight changes.

b. Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made from plants products known as latex. The final product is usually a pressure relieving mattress which is noiseless and have air circulation and moisture regulation.

c. Spring or coil mattresses

This type of mattress is made of metal rings, this rings are linked together to form a super durable mattress.


The color you choose will be largely dependent on your personal taste. There are a lot of color you can choose from including; white, brown, red, blue etc

Best mattresses

Below are some of the top best mattresses in Kenya, you can apply the above considerations to pick the one that suits you best.

Superfoam mattresses

superfoam mattress

Superfoam offers high quality mattresses, this goes in line with their slogan; ‘We are good in bed.’ Below are the sizes available from this brand:

Adult sizes

  • 3X6 fts
  • 3.5X6 fts
  • 4X6 fts
  • 4.5X6 fts
  • 5X6 fts
  • 6X6 fts


Children sizes

  • 4X2 feets
  • 4X2.5 feets
  • 5X2.5 feets
  • Thickness
  • 4 Inches
  • 6 Inches and
  • 8 Inches


High density and medium density.

You can visit their website for more information and prices.

Dr. Mattress mattresses

DR mattress

Dr.mattress is yet another brand in Kenya offering high quality mattresses, they even offer the diverse types, e.g foam, spring and latex mattresses. Below are the common sizes available from this brand:

  • 3X6 fts
  • 3.5X6 fts
  • 4X6 fts
  • 4.5X6 fts
  • 5X6 fts
  • 6X6 fts


  • 3 Inches
  • 7 Inches

You can visit their website for more information.

Maharaja mattresses

maharaja mattress

Maharaja brand mainly focuses on foam mattresses, they offer quality services with high durability. Some of the available sizes include:

Medium density

  • 3X6 fts
  • 3.5X6 fts
  • 4X6 fts
  • 4.5X6 fts
  • 5X6 fts
  • 6X6 fts

High density

  • 4X6 fts
  • 4.5X6 fts
  • 5X6fts
  • 6X6 fts

Slumberland mattresses

slumberland logo

Slumberland mattress brand offers mattresses in different sizes, unlike other brands which offer most of their sizes in a standard size with regard to beds, this brand sizing is different as follows:

  • 3X6.2 fts
  • 3.6X6.2 fts
  • 4X6.2 fts
  • 4.4X6.2 fts
  • 5X6.2 fts
  • 6×6.5fts
  • 6.5X6.5 fts
  • You can visit their website for information.

Above are just but some top mattresses brands in Kenya, you will however find more of them, if you find one with suitable features, do not hesitate to pick it. Cheers!!


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