Fruits and vegetables have plenty of nutrients that we need in our bodies. One way of getting a great deal of the nutrients is by extracting juices from them, this is where a juicer comes in hand. Below, we are going to see the best juicers in Kenya and considerations to make when picking one.

The main purpose of a juicer is getting juices in the used ingredients while discarding the pulp. Pulp is majorly solid and contains fiber, if you are interested in this fiber, you can use blenders which are used to make smoothies, this includes the pulp and juice.

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Types of juicers

Depending on your intended use and budget, you will have to choose a certain juicer type. This types are classified according to the design and the performance level. There are 3 types of juicers as we will see below.

1. Slow juicers

This types of juicers are also called masticating juicers. They get their name from their slow speed compared to others. They juice by squeezing your ingredients and then seiving out the pulp and giving out the juice in a different chamber.

These juicers are not only good for hard items such as carrots but also the best for light vegetables and similar items with less fiber. Mostly, you will have to chop your ingredients before juicing them.

The juice from slow juicers are usually sweet, there is less nutrients loss from this juicers since no heat is produced during juicing. The juice will also last long, the juicers do not produce a lot of noise too.

Apart from being slow, another disadvantage of this juicers is that they are costlier than other types of juicers.

2. Centrifugal juicers

These are perhaps the most popular juicers because of their speed and affordability. They juice by their high speed rotation, the juice is then sieved out from pulp and you get your final product.

Hard items such as carrorts are best juiced by this juicer. Also, vegetables with a lot of fibers such as kales are best juiced with centrifugal juicer. These types of juicers have a wide mouth allowing for adding of even large items such as fruits.

The juice from the juicers is usually of less quality compared to the slow juicers. From being foamy, to being less sweet because of disintegration and failing to last for long, all this can be attributed to the high speed involved. Also, some nutrients are thought to be lost due to heat produced.

The juicers also have a disadvantage of being noisy. Their main advantages are the fast speed, easy to clean and affordability.

Triturating juicers

This juicers are not very popular probably because they are the most costly. They however produce high quality juice with less noise and even lesser loss of juice. Juices from this juicers will also last longer.

Triturating juicers have to gears which they use to crush and grid ingridients and squeeze juice out of them then push them futher for separation of juice and pulp. This is where commercial masticating juicers lie.

The juicers are suitable for hard items and all vegetables. Perhaps, one of their main disadvantage is that they are hard to clean.

Factors to consider when picking a juicer

Even after picking the suitable type for you, you will still need to pick a certain model. To make a right pick in the many models available out there, you will need to apply the below factors.


This is perhaps the first factor you will consider, not only when picking a model but also type. The juicer you pick should give a sweet long lasting juice.


We all like fast processes, the speed of a juicer should be hence high or at least moderate. As mentioned earlier, centrifugal juicers are the fastest.


The juicer should be easy to clean. One with a large opening is usually easy to clean, some juicers will even come with a washer making them safe and easy to use.


A juicer should be easy to assemble too. A complex juicer will confuse you and a wrong assembled juicer can have a functioning issue. The centrifugal juicer is the most easy to assemble.


Depending on items that you want to juice, the design should allow for easy feeding of the items, for example, fruits are large and will require a large mouthed juicer.


The amount of items a juicer can handel will vary, some can allow up to 70g which is not very bad. Some juicers will also come with a collecting jar, the capacity of this jar should be adequate too.


The space occupied by the juicer should be less if you do not that big space in your house. Vertical juicers occupy less space than horizontal juicers.

List of best juicers

The below named juicers brands are some of the top that you can apply the above considerations to pick a model that suits you best.

Bruhm juicers

Bruh m juicer

Just like other bruhm appliances, Bruhm juicers are of high quality. Some of the features include; stainless steel bodies, multiple speeds, easy to clean and safety lock.

Redberry juicers

Redberry juicer

Redberry offers quality appliances including its juicers, although the number of juicers from this brand are few, you might find one that suits you.

Ramtons juicers

Ramtons juicer

This is a very popular appliance provider that offers high quality juicers. The juicers have stainless steel blades, juice collectors and circuit breakers to prevent damage of the motor in case of a short circuit.

Black and decker juicers

Black decker juicer

This brand offers juicers that you can go for, although it is not a very popular brand, its juicers are good performing with strong motors.

Philips juicers

Philip juicer

This brand is popular globally for its bulbs, the juicers they offer are something to go by and you can consider them.

Von Hotpoint

Von hotpoint

This is brand is popular for its electronics, their juicers are also suitable for fruits and vegetables extraction.

Above are just but some top best juicer brands in Kenya, you will find more in the market too, if you find one one that suits you best do not hesitate to pick it.

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