Iron boxes are a handy requirement in our homes, after doing your laundry maybe using a washing machine, you will require an iron box to straighten your clothes. Below we are going to look at best iron boxes in Kenya, before that however, we will look at the features to check for when buying one and some plus knowledge about iron boxes.

  • Tip: Check on buyers ratings and reviews on iron boxes, this will give you an idea on expected performance. For example, by the time of writing this article, Sayona SI406- Dry Iron Box – 1000W had a 5 star rating from 19 buyers on Jumia. This means most users were highly satisfied by it’s performance.
    • How does an iron box work?

      An iron box uses electricity, commonly, when electricity is passed through a wire, the wire heats up. In this case, the electricity is passed through the base of the iron box, the base is referred to as sole plate. As the electricity passes, the sole plate is heated, the hot base is what we use to streamline the wrinkles on our clothes. However there is another type that uses steam instead on the base.

      Types of iron box

      They are majorly classified in to two, this classification is according to the mode at which they work. Here are the two types;

      a. Dry iron box

      Dry iron box

      This type of iron box have a metal plate at the bottom that heats up and is used in the ironing process, this metal plate often referred to as sole plate as mentioned above can be made of different materials this gives different types of dry iron box as listed below;

          • Stainless steel, this type is the most recommended, this is because during ironing, it does not stick to fabrics unlike iron boxes made of other material mentioned below. It is also referred to as non stick iron box.
          • Ceramic iron box, it is not recommended much especially when ironing fabrics.
          • Cast iron boxes
          • Aluminium iron box

      b. Steam iron box

      steam iron box

      In this type, the base of the iron box contains perforated holes that are used to spray hot steam on the clothes. This is highly recommended for fabrics. It also removes wrinkles faster and easier compared to the dry iron box.

      Note: some iron boxes will come with a combination of both types, that is; dry and steam iron box. If your budget allows, you better go for the combined type.

      Features to consider in an iron box

      Temperature control

      This should be a must feature, when doing your ironing, you will need different heat levels, this will also be dependent with how light or thick the clothe is. Your should hence ensure that the iron box you pick has this feature.

      Over heating protection

      Over heating protection is another important feature, this prevents accidents that may occur due to heating up of the clothes. Such common accidents include burning of the clothe being ironed or fires in cases where the iron is left up for a long time on the the clothe, in such a case, the iron box will automatically shut down if it have this feature.

      Non stick sole plate

      As mentioned before, stainless steel iron boxes do not stick to fabrics, in addition to this, steam iron boxes also have the non stick feature, while the above two types are the most common to have this feature there are still more types with the feature, make sure you check in the features list.


      The shape of the sole plate should be streamlined or with sharp curve, such a shape allows for speed ironing and makes the process easy.

      Handles and controls

      The handle of the iron box should be convenient to use, the controls should also be user friendly and easy to use, the controls mainly apply to temperature and they can be dials or buttons.


      You definitely do not want a heavy iron box that will give you hard time when ironing your clothes, you should hence choose a light one to make the process easy and enjoyable.

      Best iron box in Kenya

      Different brands in Kenya manufacturer high performing iron box models, we are going to look at some of the top brands you can pick a model from below.

      a. Philips iron box

      Philips iron box

      This brand is popular in many house holds from it’s lighting products e.g bulbs. It is no lie that the products are of high quality and it’s iron box models are no exceptional hence you can pick one from this brand.

      b. Sayona iron box

      Sayona is popular for electronics mainly soundsystems the brand also offers quality models of iron box. Both the dry and steam iron box are available from this manufacturer with features in according to the model.

      c. Binatone iron box

      binatone iron box

      Binatone, just like the above two is not a new name in electronic appliance in Kenyan households. Iron box models from this brand have every required features, from temperature control to heat control.

      Above are just but among top brands that you can pick an iron box from, there are also more brands you will find in the market, you can definitely pick one from from other brands if you find a suitable one. Some of this include. Bruhm iron box, Ramtons iron box etc

      Accessories needed for an iron box

      Just like many other electronics, you will like require more items in order to fully operate your iron box. the most common is a cord.

      A Cord is the connecting wire from the iron box to the socket, some of the iron box will come with a fixed cord while others may require your to buy one in separate.In some cases there are cordless iron boxes that use batteries instead of direct electricity.






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