A hot pot servers an important role when you want to keep your food hot. Below, we are going to see the best hot pots in Kenya and considerations to make when picking one.

The hot pot uses almost similar design principle as a thermos. It contains two walls, the inner and the outer one which are separated by vacuum. The vacuum does not allow transfer of heat hence serves the purpose of maintain the temperature.

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At times the vacuum might be replaced by a thick insulating material which also does not allow loss of heat. The closing lid also contains the insulating material to prevent loss of heat.

Some user cases of hot pots:

  • When preparing food, you can prepare different dishes on one cooker and then serve them together without having to rewarm.
  • You can prepare food at an early time and serve it later.
  • In schools where pupils are required to carry their lunch, your kid can always enjoy a hot dish.
  • On visting days especially in boarding schools, you can use a hot pot to serve your student or pupil a hot dish.
  • In working days, you can carry your food to the work place.
  • Hikers can also enjoy hot food from a hot pot.

Factors to consider in hot pots

If you want to end up with the best hot pot fitting your purpose, you will have to put into consideration the below factors.


The capacity of the hot pot you choose should be in line with your need. Since most hot pots comes in sets, you should ensure the different sizes in the set will be of help to you.

Number in a set

Hot pots will rarely come as just one piece. In most cases, they are sold in a set(more than one piece) Depending on your need, make sure to pick the right number.

Common set numbers include:

  • 3 pieces set
  • 4 pieces set and
  • 6 pieces set.

Interior and extrior

In most cases, the interior of the hot is made of stainless steel which is highly recommend. The exteriors however maybe of plastic or stainless steel.

Stainless steel ones are more recommend because of their durability. On the other hand, plastic ones allow for use of different colors and patterns.

The handle design of the hot pot should be attractive and also easy to use. That is, allow for efficient carrying.


The cleaning of most hot pots is usually simple because of the open design. If however your hot pot gets stains, you should wash it with one spoon of bicarbonate soda.


The hot pot you choose should be very light or at least light. This is to ensure you won’t have a burden when carrying it together with food around.

List of best hot pots

After seeing factors to consider, below is a list of top best hot pots that you can apply the considerations to pick your best fit.

Signature hot pots

Signature hot pot

Signature offers high quality appliances and in the list is its hot pots. The hot pots are made of stainless steel making them more durable. The sets are frequently 4 pieces and 6 pieces.

Matrix hot pots

Matrix hot pot

These are still another set of quality hot pots. They have a stainless steel body that gives them long service life. Mostly, they will come on 4 pieces in a set.

Redberry hot pots

Reddbelly hot pot

Just like the above, this hot pots are made of stainless steel giving them a competitive quality. The common set is usually of four pieces.

Elly hot pots

Elly hot pot

This ones are commonly available with plastic exteriors but this does not compromise their quality. The frequently available set is of 4 pieces with an extra 4 bolws bonus.

Above are some of the top hot pots in Kenya, you will however find more in the market. If you find one that suits your need and is of quality in regard to the mentioned factors, do not hesitate to pick it.


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