Headphones provides an elegant way of listening to music. They also provide a sense of fashion not to mention their use by professions such as DJs. We are going to look at types of headphones, notable features and at the bottom see best headphones in Kenya.

A headphone mainly consists of two small speakers and cap connecting the two. Other components such as battery, cables etc will depend with the addtional features.

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Types of headphones

Headphones are available in different types largely depending on their features, here are common types you will find;

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Closed back headphones and open back headphones

Close-back are the most common, they get their name from the design of being closed at the back. This makes sure that the sound from the speakers does not leave to the outside, they also block any sound from the outside. An advantage is that you will listen to your music peacefully without interference from surrounding noise, also you won’t cause noise disturbance to those around. This type of headphones can however cause accidents since they block you from the surroundings. They hence shouldn’t be used on roads and similar settings.

Image: Close back

Open back headphones are usually open at the back allowing sound from the speakers out and surrounding sounds in. They are best applicable in quite environment where also you won’t be disturbing anyone, in this case indoor might be the most suited place for them.

Image: Open back

Take a note about the two types below, at types they can be confusing

Noise isolating and Noise cancelling

1. Noise isolating are commonly the closed type headphones, what they do is block any sounds from the outside.

2. Noise cancelling are usually fitted with electronics that filter out noise from the surrounding, they will commonly have a battery to power them.

This means you can find a headphone that have both features. That is, it is a closed back type hence isolates noise and is fitted with noise cancelling electronics.

On the ear and over the ear headphones

On ear headphones will usually press on your ear and will not cover the whole ear cap. Since they are pressing the ear, you may experience some pain after using them for a long time, they are preferred for short duration use. They are also good for use in traffic. Since they don’t  cover the whole ear, they will allow you to here sound from the surroundings. These types are small making them portable

Over the ear headphones will not press on your ear, instead they cover up your ear. They all normally large hence not easily portable. Since they don’t press on your ear, you will not experience pain when using them. They are hence convenient for listening to music for a long period for a long time. These types also blocks you from the surrounding noise.

Bluetooth headphones and Cable headphones

Bluetooth headphones have a wireless connectivity capability, they will work in hand with devices with the Bluetooth capability, e.g smartphones or Bluetooth enabled laptops. The advantage is that they do away with any inconvenience of using wires .At times however, interference of signals or limited range of a signal may occur. This type of headphones have a battery that will require recharging or replacement.

Cable headphones will use wires or cables to connect with the media player device. They are convenient if you want to avoid the recharging part of wireless headphone.  Of course you will have to deal with wires.

Features or specification of headphones

The headphone features will determine what type it is and it’s capabilities. The following features are worth checking for:


A portable headphone is easily fold-able or have a swivel folding design. The manufacturer will indicate this in the specifications list, one with this type of feature is good since you can carry it when traveling or going outdoors.

Mic feature

Most of the headphones have an inbuilt mic system, some uses are  giving communications or picking up calls when using your phone together with the headphones. For dejaaying or music recording purposes, a headphone with an external mic is more convenient.

Cushioned headphones

This feature prevents hurting caused by headphones pressing on your ear particularly with the on ear headphones as seen above. This will give you comfortability  when using the headphones.

Wireless capability

If you prefer wireless devices, then a headphone with Bluetooth feature will suite you. Some headphones will have both cable and Bluetooth connectivity.

Noise cancelling

A headphone with this feature as explained in the types will have an electric component that filters surrounding noise.

Battery life

Most wireless and noise cancelling headphones have a battery. You should pick one that stays long before the next recharge. Mostly, battery life is a factor of battery mAh rating.

Micro SD slot

Sometimes, you may want to listen to music stored in your sd card. A headphone with this feature is handy, it will also eliminate need for Bluetooth and cables if it have an inbuilt battery

Call answering capabilities

You might find yourself using your phone together with the headphone. One with this feature will help you switch between music and the call. Some will alert you with a vibration on incoming call, others have the capability of making a redial to the last call number.

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Top best headphones in Kenya

With the consideration of types and features as we have looked in to detail above and with the consideration of price, we believe you can choose the best model from the brands below which of models which can be considered as the beast headphones in Kenya. You can check for headphone prices or order from sellers in Kenya through The Brands app, the app protects you from cons through lipa na escrow, See details here.

1. Sony headphones

Image: Sony headphones

Sony is a popular electronics brand know for it’s quality production of Smart TVs and subwoofers. It’s headphones are no less, they are highly efficient with robust features from noise cancelling in some models to high battery life in others.

2. Pioneer headphones

Image: Pioneer headphones

Pioneer is another known electronic producer, it mainly focuses on music input and output system such as keyboards, DJ’s jockey system, radios, home theaters etc. This gives the brand a handy experience in the production of headphones, you can hence consider a model from this manufacturer.

3. Pace headphones

Image: Pace headphones

Though not as popular as the above two, Pace have it’s headphones available all over the world, the fact that it is able to keep up with competition from established brands means that it is worth checking when selecting  headphone.

4. Toshiba headphones

Image: Toshiba headphones

This brand is known for it’s laptop production, it also produces headphones which have robust features and high performance. You can definitely pick a Toshiba model.

5. NIA headphones

Image: Nia headphones

Just like pace, NIA is not much popular, they however produce high quality headphones worth giving a check.

6. Microsoft headphones

Image: Micosoft headphone

Popularly known for it’s computers software production, Microsoft also produces high tech headphones which have a desirable design and features.

7. Panasonic headphones

Image: Panasonic headphones

Just like Pioneer, Panasonic focuses on sound electronics, this has given them handy experience which they apply on headphones production giving the amazing features.

The above are just but among the top brands you can choose from, there even more brands in the market


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