LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a clean cooking fire source for most homes in Kenya, this gas is stored in different cylinders sizes by gas companies to make it available according to your pocket and needs. We are going to see, top suppliers in Kenya, the top best LPG brands in Kenya and the package size they have. The prices of the commodity will change regularly hence it is not possible to give a fixed price.

Top 6 gas cylinders and their sizes:

  • Here are some of the top best gas cylinder that you can pick for best service:

1. Total gas cylinders

The cylinders are a product of Total Kenya PLC. The available sizes for Total gas are; 3kgs, 6kgs, 13kgs, 22.5kgs and 50kgs gas cylinders

Image: Total gas cylinders

2. K-gas cylinders

They are a product of Kenolkobil, the cylinders come in three sizes as follows; 6kgs, 13kgs and 35kgs cylinders.

Image: K-gas cylinders

3. Mpishi gas cylinders

They are made by Oilibya they are available in these sizes; 6kgs, 13kgs and 40kgs gas cylinders.

Image: Mpishi gas cylinders

4. Pro-gas cylinders

The brand is relatively new as compared to the above but also popular in Kenya, maybe, its because of its lower prices. Available sizes are 6kgs and 13kgs gas cylinders.

Image: Pro gas cylinders

5. Midgas gas cylinders

The gas cylinders available from this brand are in the following sizes: 3kgs, 6kgs, 13kgs and 50kgs.

Image: Midgas cylinders

6. Afri gas cylinders

Shell is the manufacturer of these ones, the available sizes are; 6kgs, 13kgs and 45kgs gas cylinders.

Image: Afri cylinders


The above are among the top brands in LPG in Kenya but they are not the only ones, there many more available in the market including; Valley gas, Lake gas etc

Image: Valley gas

EPRA suppliers requirements

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) have put in place guidelines that every supplier in Kenya should follow as below:

  • The gas cylinders should be from an EPRA licensed manufacturer
  • The gas cylinder should not be damaged in any way
  • The gas cylinder should not be rusty
  • The supplier should give you a receipt
  • The weight of the gas cylinder should coincide with the indicated weight on it
  • The supplier should be licensed by EPRA


Let’s check the use of LPG including common accessories needed and safety measures required.

What are the needed accessories?

The gas cylinders won’t work alone, you will need more items to make the fire and use it conveniently. Mainly there are two classes of accessories

1. Gas burner and Grill

This mainly applies to the small cylinders, commonly; 3kg and 6kg

The burner is what will pass out the gas from the cylinder and also help you regulate the amount, you only need a matchbox to lit it and get fire. Check top burners available in Kenya here

The grid is where you will place your cooking equipment e.g Sufuria.

The image below shows a 6kg gas cylinder together with the burner and grill

Image: 6kg gas together with a burner and grill

2. Pressure regulator, pressure pipes and cookers

This is commonly used with cylinders above 6Kgs but even the 6kgs and 3kgs can be still be used.

Pressure regulators-they are attached to the ‘mouth’ of the cylinder and are used to control the amount of gas been passed out. They come in three types, that is, Low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure regulators.

Pressure pipes– they are normally hose pipes that act as bridge between the pressure regulators and the cooker. Just like the regulators, they come in three types, that is, Low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure pipes. It goes without saying that each pressure hose pipe should be used with its respective regulator.

Cookers– there are many types of cookers available with different features e.g cookers with stands, table top cookers etc. The cooker contains a burner, a way to regulate the fire including switching off and on and grill for placement of cooking equipment. Some even contain an in built system to lit the fire so you won’t have to use a matchbox.

The image below shows a 13Kgs gas cylinder with a pressure regulator, pressure hose pipe and a table top cooker.

Image: Lpg regulator, pressure pipe and cooker


The first thing you shouldn’t miss doing after setting the equipment is testing for leakages. It is recommended you use soapy water, if there is leakage on any part, bubbles will show.

In future if there are leakages, you will note by a smell. A good recommendation is to light the matchstick before putting on the gas, it is safe and of course will reduce wastage. When putting off, make sure you tighten up the burner to avoid leakages.

If the cylinder have leakages, do not attempt to repair it, return it to the outlet point where you bought it.

In case you ever note of any gas leakage, open the the doors and windows of your house to allow the gas out, also take the cylinder out of the house and do not light any fires in the house, switch on electricity or use a mobile phone.

Advantages of using gas as source of energy

Cooking gas is one of the most beneficial source of cooking energy that you can use. Below are some top reasons as to why you should always pick it.

Clean energy source

No smoke, NO bad smell. Cooking LPG gas provides very clean energy, your cooking appliances and kitchen will be clean while you will enjoy comfortable cooking.

Cost saving

Compared to many other sources of energy in Kenya, cooking gas is the most affordable, with pocket friendly prices, the LPG serves you for months.


Cooking gas is very efficient when it comes to speed, since there is less loss of heat and the flame is very hot, the cooking speeds is usually very fast.

Readily available

In cities and towns such as Nairobi, other sources of cooking energy are not available, for example, firewood is largely available in rural areas where as this is not the case in towns. LPG cooking gas is however readily available in every part of Kenya with even door delivery services.

No health effects

Since there is no production of smoke or burning of harmful gases, the LPG does not cause any health effects unlike in some other sources known to cause problems especially with the breathing system.

Easy control

Whether you choose a burner, a table top gas cooker or a stand alone cooker you will be able to control the amount of gas you use and the level of flame produced.


Gas cylinders especially the 3 KGs and 6 KGs ones can easily be carried around. You might have seen business people who carry them around and quickly prepare food for their customers. LPG gas cylinders can easily be carried to any place you want.

We hope you will be able to get the best service according to your requirement with gas cylinders. We also hope this article will help you great. cheers!!

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