We are going to see the best Stand alone cookers and the best table top gas cookers in Kenya. We are also going to look at features to consider when buying a gas cooker and also learn something about cookers.
What is gas cooker?

A gas cooker is a home appliance that mainly uses LPG gas for cooking purposes. It is composed of a burner and grill to mount the cooking equipment e.g sufuria. There are usually two major types of gas cookers, that is, the stand alone and table top. Another common cooking appliance is a Microwave.

What do I require to use  a cooker?

In order to user a cooker, you will require more accessories than the cooker alone, they are mainly gas cylinders, gas pressure regulator and gas hosepipe. The pressure regulator is connected to the cylinder and the hosepipe connects the cooker to the regulator.

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Types of gas cookers in Kenya

They are classified in to two types;

Stand alone gas cookers

Image: stand alone coooker

They do not require any supports or stands, they are self standing and may have adjustable legs. They usually have more than one burner in most cases. Some are even more advance to include an electric burner, this burner can save you if you run out of gas unexpectedly. Below the burner, it is common to find an Oven, this is also an added advantage on this type of cookers.

The cookers will come fitted with different features. Some of the many include; auto ignition, timers, stain less steel etc we are going to look at features available into detail later. Most of the stand alone cookers will require more space, before going for one, make sure you have a spacious kitchen.

Common problems that you have to check for when buying and also that you may encounter after use of this cookers for some time include; oven door seals problems, oven door closing problems, breakage of knobs and problems with lights in the oven meaning you will no be able to see what is going inside there.

Table top gas cooker

Image: Table top gas cooker

A table top gas cooker will require an extra stand to support it, commonly, a table will be used as the stand. In most cases they have two burners but in some rarely types, you will find one burner or more than one. Their advantage is that they will require less space. They are also almost completely portable as compared to the stand alone.

Some of the table top gas cookers will come with advance features such as timers, thermostats and auto ignition. The disadvantage of this ones is that they lack an oven. Common problem that you should check for when purchasing and that you may encounter when using them is breakage of knobs.

Features of gas cookers

Auto ignition, most modern gas cooker comes with this feature. In this type, you will never have to use a matchbox, you only need to switch on the cooker through the knob and the inbuilt lighting mechanism will put on the gas. This method is efficient since you won’t have to keep on buying matchboxes, also, there is no gas wastage.

Thermostat/Timer, this is technology that allows you to time when to switch on the gas cooker or off. The timer can also be used for accurately timing recipes also.

Gas burners and electric hotplate, mainly, the feature is found on the stand alone gas cookers. There are usually several gas burners and one electric cooking plate, this been essential for a back up in case you run out of gas.

Adjustable legs, adjustable is always good than rigid. Some stand alone gas cookers will come with the feature.

Over lamp, is the interior of the cooker lit? how are you going to see what is going inside if the oven does not have some form of lighting? It is important to make sure that the oven have a working light system, some cookers will even have most modern led bulbs fit in them.

Ease to clean, an ease to clean cooker should have removable panels, this will allow you to do the clean with little hassle.

Insulated door, an oven door that does not heat up easily is important for a stand alone gas cooker. This will prevent accidentals burns to people around the house including kids, most brands will use a double glass door to achieve this.

Gas cylinder cabin, instead of having to worry on where to place your gas cylinder, some stand alone cookers will provide in built storage space.

Color, this is a personal preference, a good choice of color can light up you kitchen. Different colors are available from the stainless steel, brown, black, white and mix of more.


Best gas cookers brands and their top rated models

Now that we have seen some of the features to consider and the types you can choose from. It will be easy for you to choose the best from this top gas cookers brands in Kenya. We will also provide a model in each brand that has best reviews from buyers from different platforms.

Ariston gas cookers

Image: Ariston cooker

Among the most gas cookers that I have across, these are the most recommended by users. This means that the brand produces cookers of high quality and long services life. They come packed with features such as in built lamps, durable knobs, auto ignition is available in some models, timer are also available in some of the models and may more packed features. Mostly the colors available are white, stainless steel and black. This brand mainly produces the standalone types of cookers.

Ariston A6MSH2F (X) 3 Gas + 1 Electric Cooker Stainless steel

This is one of the best models from Ariston brand, the cooker comes with the following amazing features; 3Gas burners & 1Electric plate,Durable Control Knobs with Clear Indicative Rings, Heavy Duty Pan Rest/Stand or Top Grills, See through Oven Door Glass, Warming Drawer, Electric Multifunction Oven, Oven & Grill, Mechanical Timer, Thermostat,Stainless Steel Finishing, Auto Ignition, Hob Flame Failure Device and Rapid Hot Plate. As you can see, the cooker has superior features,however, it is worth noting that most gas cookers from this brand come at a higher price.

Ramtons gas cookers

Image: Ramton gas cooker

It is impossible to talk about kitchen appliances in Kenya and fail to mention this Kenyan brand. This brand has been in the market for long in Kenya and has a reputable name. It have some downsides still. Their gas cookers will come with various features, from the most latest features to the tradition ones. Jut to mention a few; lamp heads, timers, auto ignition, glass doors and many more. The cookers are available in various colors of choice. They offer both table to and stand alone gas cookers.

Ramtons RF/407-3G+1E

Ramtons RF cooker

The stand alone Gas cooker is one of the best models from Ramtons, it comes with good features giving it a super performance. The cooker has 3 gas burners and an electroplate that comes as a backup in case you run out of gas. Additional to these is an electric oven that has light bulb to help you see what is going on Inside. For safety, the oven has double glass door, cleaning for the oven is also easy since its removable. The cooker also comes with the auto ignition feature and thermostat.

Von Hotpoint gas  gas cookers

Von is one of the most popular home appliances provider in Kenya, they offer both stand alone gas cookers and table top gas cookers. Most of their gas cookers are fitted with an electro plate which serve as a good backup. Other features include double insulated glass door, oven, over lamp and different colors.

Von F5N40G2.BLK

Vin cooker

This Von gas cooker model is purely gas with no electric metal plate. The gas burners are 4 meaning that you can cook different dishes at a time. The cooker has a mechanical timer, an electric oven which is light up and with a double glass door for safety. The gas cooker also has an auto ignition system and gas pipes. Other design additional features include adjustable legs and top lid.


Bompani gas cookers

Image: Bompani gas cooker

This is also a dominant name in kitchen appliances. They have a variety of cookers to choose from which comes with features you would expect for a standard cooker. Most of the available colors are white, black and stainless steel. They offer both table top and stand alone cookers.

It is  worth noting that this brand cookers are not largely available in the Kenyan market but you can order through international online shops.

Bruhm gas cookers

Image: Bruhm table top cooker

This is yet another popular brand in appliances production and is able to compete effectively with other gas cooker players. Their gas cookers comes in both stand alone and table top type. Features are also improved with the introduction of new models. Below is a pick of a Bruhm gas cooker

Bruhm BGI 66M40ONSN

Bruhm BGI cooker

Looking for a purely Gas cooker with no electric plate? Here is your pick then. The stand alone gas cooker from Bruhm comes with 4 gas burners which have a pool system-jet design. The lower side of the cooker has an electric oven which has a double glass door plus a grill. You will also not need a match box since the cooker has the auto ignition feature, the cooker also comes with a metal top lid.

The above are just but among the few top gas cooker brands you will find out there. The key point is looking for one that will serve your need according to its features, also it is recommended to check other users rating so as to make the best judgement. Just to mention other top brands that you make encounter; Beko gas cookers, Von hotpoint gas cookers, Elba gas cookers etc

We hope the article helps you make the best purchase decision you won’t regret, cheers.





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