Here are some of the best fridges in Kenya, we are also going to look at features to consider when buying one and how a fridge works. A fridge is a an important home appliance that helps in conserving and storage of food for health purposes. Fridges are also largely used commercially in Kenya.

What is a fridge?

A fridge is a device powered by electricity that uses principles of physics to maintain very low temperatures that most bacteria can not survive in hence conserving foods and drinks that are normally stored in it.

How does a fridge work?

As mentioned above, the fridge uses principles of physics to maintain low temperatures. The process involves intake and release of heat. To easily understand how the process works, let us first look at the cooling of our bodies. When temperatures are high, our body will need to cool, this causes one to sweat, the sweat which is in liquid form will evaporate to gas due to heat on our skin. During the process of changing from liquid to gas, they is heat intake hence causing cooling on our skin.

Key points to note:

Changing from liquid to gas causes heat intake

Changing from gas to liquid causes heat release.

A refrigerator works in the same process, the liquid here been a coolant which is a pressurized liquid and can easily change states from liquid to gas and vice versa. The coolant flows through through a pipe into the refrigerator and out. This is the flow of the process;

1. As the liquid coolant enters the refrigerator, the pipe is expanded, at the entry point, there is an expansive valve that causes the coolant to enter the expanded pipe in the refrigerator in spray form, this expansion will cause the gas to expand and cool turning into gas, as noted, when a liquid turns into gas state, there is heat intake, hence this process will lead to absorbing of heat in the refrigerator.

2. A compressor that is powered by electricity will now squeeze the coolant reducing the temperatures further and increasing the pressure, the high pressurized gas will absorb more heat as it proceeds to leave the refrigerator.

3. As the coolant now in gas forms gets to the outside of the refrigerator, the pipe size is changed to thin radioactive causing the gas to change to the liquid state and as noted before, this process causes loss of heat. The process repeats itself expelling any heat inside the refrigerator.

Types of fridges in Kenya

Note: The refrigerator is used to mean the compartment where storage is done, freezer is the machine or compressor assisting in cooling. This terms will be used below.

The following are some of the most common refrigerators that are available in the country.

Bottom freezer fridge

Image: Bottom frezer fridge

In this type, the freezer is usually below the refrigerator, they are usually small in size hence convenient if you have small spaces but this means the storage compartment of the fridge is limited in size.

Top freezer fridge

Image: Top freezer fridge

In this type, the freezer is above the refrigerator, there are usually spacious but will occupy a large space in you house as compared to the bottom freezer type. Also, you have to get used to bending when using this type of fridge.

Side by side fridge

Image: Side by side fridge

A side by side fridge have a freezer on one side and refrigerator on the other, you will require space for the large opening doors of the fridge.

French door fridge

Image: French door fridge

This ones have two compartments at top and a drawer at the bottom. They can be considered as the newest design in the market.

Mini fridge

Image: Mini fridge

They are small with very small storage capacity, their prices are also low and convenient to persons who have low storage requirements

Features to consider in  a fridge

Different fridges will come with different features so as to satisfy the need of the the user. Here are some of the common ones you should check when making your purchase decision;

Capacity, what are you planning to store? how large is your family? after you have answered these questions, you can be able to determine what size of fridge you want, also the space available in your house will determine which fridge capacity to to buy.

Energy saving,you do not want to end up with a fridge that consumes energy inefficiently since this leads to high electricity bills, check on the star rating on the energy saving specification list of the fridge, the higher the rating, the more better it is in energy saving.

Internal features, a good fridge should have adjustable shelves, this allows ease in arrangement of items in the fridge. You should also consider the height if you will be storing drinks.

Humidity control,  different types of foods will require different levels of humidity, hence, a fridge with this feature is essential.

Color. this will be to your personal taste, you can choose from stainless steel, white, black etc

Best fridges models in Kenya

The fridges below are our pick as the best among many available in the market. Apart from considering their features, we also looked at what other buyers are saying about their performance. Prices given below may change from time to time and depending with the seller who you are buying from.



Bruhm BRD225

Bruhm rd

This fridge will be a perfect choice, from a very big capacity of about 210 Liters to super nice features. The refrigerator cools everything at a super speed while it is less noisy and consumes minimal power, in fact, you can control the power input with regard to your need. The interior of the fridge is lit up so that you can clearly see what you are doing and what you have placed inside, the shelf is adjustable and the legs of the fridge are adjustable too.
Price ranging; KSH 30,990

Ramtons RF/173

Ramtons 177

This is a quality double door top fridge that comes with 128 Liters capacity. Offered by Ramtons, the fridge has glass shelves and a hard top. From buyers rating, most users who have already bought the fridge are satisfied by its performance. The fridge consumes less power while it produces very little noise. Going for this fridge will be worth your money too.
Price ranging; KSH 24,500

Binatone FR-110

Binatone mini fridge

The FR-110 Binatone fridge is a mini refrigerator with a capacity of 90L. If you have a low budget and you are looking for a fridge that occupies less space, you can pick this fridge. It comes with an external condenser too and a plastic shelf.
Price ranging; KSH 16,800


Von vart fridge

Von is a popular electronics appliances provider in Kenya and this is one of their best fridge. The fridge has high cooling efficiency, the capacity of the fridge is 138 Liters meaning you can store large number of items. Inside the fridge is a toughened glass, the fridge is lit up meaning you will clearly see the inside. Added to the above features is fruits and vegetable box in the refrigerator.
Price ranging; KSH 22,995



Mika fridge

The Mika fridge comes with good features and additional to them are some bonus items. The capacity is 201 Liters giving very large storage space and the shelves are made with toughened glass. For smell and germ buster, the refrigerator comes with a deodorizer, added to this is egg + plus ice tray and lage vegetable box.
Price ranging; KSH 27,995



Mika mini refrigerator

This is a mini fridge from Mika with a capacity of 92 Liters. Though a small size, the fridge is good for a low budget and comes with amazing features including less power consumption, toughened glass shelves, eggs tray and vegetables box.
Price ranging; KSH 14,995

Ramtons RF/177


This is another quality fridge from Ramtons, the capacity of the fridge is fairly large with 128 Liters. The fridge has less noise while it is consumes less power. The shelves are made of glass and a vegetable compartment.

Price ranging; KSH 24,900

Best refrigerator brands

By considering the above features and cost, we believe you can informatively choose the best from some of the top brands in Kenya mentioned below.

Samsung fridges

Image: Samsung fridge

Samsung is one of the best global electronics producer. This applies even to their fridges too, the only con is that they are costly in most cases. They offer all types of fridges, they are among the few providers of the French door type of fridge. Some of their fridges are Technology  enhanced including WIFI, led lights and more features.

LG fridges

Image: LG fridges

This another global trusted producer and just like Samsung. They offer all fridges including the French door type which are rare in Kenya. The fridges are technology enhanced, spacious and flexible according to your needs. They have high control specs that mainly involve use of buttons.


Image: Ramtons frides

Ramtons is common name when it comes to any electrical appliances in Kenya. It is a leading supplier of appliances and the user rating is usually good though you won’t lack a complain here and there. They offer fridges in different categories including side by side, the top freezer, bottom freezer and mini. The fridges are spacious and come with standard features you would expect. Majority of their fridges have the stain less steel color.

Bruhm frigdes

Image: Bruhm fridge

Yet another popular appliance provider that offers fridges in Kenya in the major categories with stain less steel color been dominant. Features you may find include glass shelves, light enhanced, spacious, frost free and excellent handles.

th isissense fridges

Image: Hisense fridge

This also is a global producer in electronics and popularly known for its’ TVs. The brand also offer fridges which are able to compete with other major producers globally. The fridges are well equipped with features and are available in all types. You will commonly find many with led lights, others have WIfi connections and buttons controls.

The above is just list of Top brands you will find in Kenya. There are however even more reputable brands that you will find in the market.



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