A blender is an important home appliance that you shouldn’t miss especially if you are into making healthy food stuff. Here, we will see the best blenders in Kenya you can use to achieve this. The main ingredients to use are commonly Fruits and Vegetables hence you will be gaining a lot of Vitamins and Fibers from the processed smoothies and juices.

Before we look at the Top Brands of blenders in Kenya, let’s look at functionalities and features available in different blenders. If you are conversant with the above, click here to jump to the brands section. Of course the two together with cost are the determinants of the type of blender you will buy.

What is a blender?

We can simply explain a blender as an appliance that makes smoothies and juices from fruits and vegetables through a motor and blade mechanism.

The Image below shows a blender mechanism. Source Ifixit.com

Image: Blender functionality

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Functionalities available in different blenders:

Below are the functions that different blenders can carry out.


The feature is not common in most blenders, you will find it in blenders with very powerful motors only. A blender with this feature is important if you are planning on using hard stuff when making your smoothies. An example is when making frozen smoothies and hence have to crush ice.


This one too requires a relatively powerful blender because it involves relatively hard ingredients. If you are planning on using stuff such as coffee beans, a blender with this feature is perfect.


Juicing functionality comes with almost all blenders, you only need to place ingredients in the blender and it will give out the juice. In  this case, the juice is thick since it contains fibers from the vegetables and fruits used. If you want to make a soft juice, then the Juicer is perfect choice. The difference between a blender and a juicer is that in a blender, the fibers are included in the final product and you can add some water during the process, in Juicers, the product is only juice and the fibers are lost, juicers will suck the water for you discarding the solid part.

Image: Smoothie from a blender


This  is  common in all  blenders, as the blender blades will be rotating, they will perform the mixing part for you. If your main business is mixing, you should go for a mixer which will efficiently get the work done. A blender has an added advantage over the mixer since it can do the mixing and still perform other functions.


Am sure you have heard this joke, where a Mum asks her child who is the insane guy who used the blender to make porridge yet they have a gas cooker, where as, it was the Dad that did so. Well in this case,the blender dosen’t just mix the flour with water, it heats it to make porridge. The heat is produced by the moving blades. You can therefore use the blender to make soups with availability of the heat.

Slicing, dicing and chopping

This one is for every blender, for it to be a blender it must do the above, this happens when the blades are moved by the motor.

Features available in different types of blenders

Every blender model comes with its own specifications that you should look for as we will see.

Electrical power

As far as the blender is not a manual one, it will require some electrical energy to run it, this is usually rated in terms of Power hence watts.The power requirement is determined by the motor, a powerful motor means a powerful blender. As we have seen above, grinding and crushing involves hard ingredients, this requires a blender with higher watts rating. Of course, this type of blender will be costly than others and the power usage will be higher.


Just as power depends with the motor, speed will too. A powerful motor will make a higher speed blender. The speed needed depends with how fast you want to get the work done.

Some blenders will come with speed control features allowing you to increase or lower the speed, for example, on the features list you will see something like, 2 speeds and pulse or 3 speeds and pulse. The blenders will have either  buttons or knobs for speed control.

Other blenders will have automatic speed system while others do not have any speed control feature. It is upon you to decide which one suites you best.

Rechargeable blenders

This is not a common feature in many, the advantage of it is that you will still use the blender in case of electrical outage.

Portable blenders

They are commonly the hand held type, the advantage is that you can use them when you are at any point in the house/Kitchen. You can also carry them when going outdoors.

An image of a hand held blender

Image: Portable blender

Multipurpose blenders

As we have seen above, blenders will come with different functionalities, some of the blenders will have every function or a combination of them. This blenders are powerful but of course it means they are costlier and will use more power. If you however need a blender with all the functions, this are the best to go for.

Stainless blades

This is a feature you should be sure to check, I believe also most manufacturers will incorporate  it, since the blender will be coming into contact with watery substance all the time, it would be a bad idea to have a rusting blade in your blender, especially because products from the blender are for direct consumption.

Manual blenders

In case you want a low priced and with low maintenance cost blender, a manual blender will be your best choice.

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Best blenders models in Kenya

Below is our pick of best blender models. Besides considering their features, we also looked at buyers reviews in order to determine their performance. Prices provided below may change time to time and depending with the seller you get the blender from.



Signature 5 in 1 food processor

Signature 5 in 1

This is super multipurpose blenders that can grind, do food processing and even juice. The capacity of the blender is large enough with 3 Liters. While it is easy to clean, the blender is powerful enough to crush and grind hard ingredients. Though available at slightly high price, it will be worth your money.
Price ranging; KSH 5,794


Binatone BLG-450P(MK2)

Binatone blg 450

This blender comes at the top of our list, it has 1.5 Liters meaning you can make a good quantity of smoothies. The Binatone blender blends very fast, has a power motor that can grind and crush hard items such as coffee beans, added to this is a 2 speed and pulse mode. The blender is easy to clean too, has a facility to add ingredients when blending, safety lock mechanism and a splash proof rid.
Price ranging; KSH 2,395

Binatone BLG-555 (MK2)

Binatone blg 555
This is yet another quality binatone blender with a capacity of 1.5 Liters that will simply get your job done. With a strong enough motor, the blender can grind hard items, it also has a mechanism to add ingredients when still blending, other features include 2 speed modes & pulse, stainless steel blades, safety lock and splash proof-lid.
Price ranging; KSH 2,695


Von blender

Von is a top electronics appliance brand in Kenya and this is one of their best blender. The blender has an extra jar, its functions include milling and producing smoothies. When the blender size is a bit small with a capacity of 1 Liter, it comes with a powerful motor powerful enough to crush ice.
Price ranging; KSH 2,925

Sayona SB-4171

Sayona sb

The sayona blender comes with a strong enough jar body that is unbreakable. The blender is also multipurpose with a capacity of 1.5 Liters and adjustable speed control. Going for this blender won’t be a waste of your money.
Price ranging; KSH 3,089

Lyons White and Green blenderLyons blender

With a capacity of 1.5 Liters, the blender has a powerful motor, break-resistance jar and safety lock switch. A unique feature of the blender is its automatic cleaning function. The price of the blender is also fairly enough and it consumes less power energy.
Price ranging; KSH 1,700

Bruhm BBG401

Bruhm bbg

The 1.5 capacity blender is another quality blender that you can go for. With a powerful motor, grinding is an easy task to this blender. The feet of the blender has anti-slip capability from its rubber and a safety micro-switch for lock function.
Price ranging; KSH 2,390

Best blender brands

In the following section will are not going throw you a blender and tell you that it is the best, instead we are going to look at top available blender brands and of course mention it when they have a good reputation, we believe that how best a blender is is by your required function, features and affordability according to your pocket. That is why we have covered functionalities and features above, i.e to help you understand and make the best decision.

1. Ramtons Blenders

Image: Ramtons blender

Ramtons blenders are a product of Hypermart Ltd, this company have a good reputation of producing high quality electronic appliances. Their blenders will come with features such as;

*Speed control enabled, e.g 6 speed, 4 Speed etc depending on the model

* Some will come with a bonus, e.g a blender + mill or blender + chopper

*Most of them are multifunctional

*In terms of cost, they come at a higher cost as compared to other brands.

  • 2.Signature Blenders

  • Image: Signature blender
  • The brand has been in market for some years and it’s items are something to go with.Common Features:
  •  *As you can see in the photo above, most of the blenders won’t come alone, they are accompanied by other small appliances.
  • *With a power rating of about 400W watts, the  blenders will be able to perform even the crushing function.
  • *Majority are multipurpose.
  • *Relative high prices.
  • 3. Kenwood Blenders

  • Image: Kenwood blender
  • This a a product of Kenwood, a British international company that specializes in appliances. Some of the features includes:
  • *Heavy duty commercial blenders, if you are looking for a blender to run your business,then you got Kenwood.
  • * Most blenders come with a bonus. e.g Blender + grinder
  • *Speed control is incorporated  in most of their blenders
  • *Multipurpose blenders are available

4. Sayona Blenders

Image: Sayona Blender

Sayona electronic appliance are found in Africa and most parts of Asia, you can give a consideration to this brand when looking for your blender. Common Features;

*Most will have speed controls


*Relatively lower cost

*Commercial blenders are available

5. Saturn Blenders

  • Image: Saturn blenders
  • This is another popular brand in Africa and Asia, some of available features include:
  • *Availability of handheld blenders
  • *Cost is relatively low
  • * Low power requirement
  • *They are not available in numbers however .


Of course, above are Top best blenders brands in Kenya but that does not mean that you can not choose from other players in the field, some of them include:

Supremo blenders, Lyons blenders, Miman blenders, Royal master blender, Bruhm blenders and Binatone blenders


[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqghx35sm9i” html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is the price of blenders in Kenya?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]The price of a home appliance blender will range between Ksh 800 to ksh 10,000, this depends with the features of the particular blender. In case of commercial blenders, the cost is commonly above Ksh 10,000.[/sc_fs_faq]




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