Body hygiene is one of the most important thing that we should maintain, this contributes to our well being, health and sometimes confidence. Below, we will look at best bathing soaps in Kenya that we can use to maintain this hygiene.

The two important things that you are not going to miss when taking your shower is water and soap. As we are going to see below,you will need to put into consideration some factors in order to have a perfect bathing soap.

Factors to consider when choosing a bathing soap

Each manufacturer will make bathing soaps targeting such users, to make sure you have one  that suits you, you will have to apply this factors.


A right bathing soap should form substantial amount of foam, even if you do not like  too much of it, at least the amount formed should be adequate to do the cleaning.

This foam should also be easy to form,that is, it shouldn’t take long. The temperatures required for foam formation should be low to allow for showering with both cold and warm water.


A good scent/smell is something we all enjoy. Your soap pick should be hence scented, the exact pick you make however will be to your personal taste.

A soap with quality fragrance is not just the one that is scented but also the scent should last long. This means you can enjoy the day with perfect scent all long.

Touch of freshens

How refreshing is the bathing soap?After taking a shower, we expect a reliving feeling maybe from all day tiredness. Some soaps are made with ingredients that perfectly help in this.


Some soaps will come with germs killing formulas, if you are experience skin problems or you are the anti germs type, you can go for this.


Sometimes, the soap you chooses should be a fit for all family use, most bathing soaps are labeled as such. This consideration is good to make especially if you are having infants/babies in your home. Am sure you don’t want to pick a soap that is not suitable for you kid.

Note: Some experts will also advice on checking your skin type when choosing a soap, for example,is your skin: dry, oily, moisturely etc

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List of best bathing soaps

The following are some of the best bathing soaps that you can apply the above considerations to choose the best fit for you.

Sawa bathing soap



Sawa bathing soap

Geisha bathing soap

If you are looking for a sweet scented or fragrance bathing soap, you can pick a geisha soap. The soap is available in the following variants; Geisha coconut milk and honey, Geisha rose and honey, Geisha Aloe vera, Geisha lemon and Geisha shea butter. Sizes include; 250g, 125g and 45g.

Dettol bathing soap

Dettol soap

Dettlo is top antibacterial bathing soap. It is available in the following variants; herbal, original, cool and skincare. The available sizes are; 60g, 90g, 100g and 175g.

Imperial leather bathing soap

Imperial leather bathing soap

This is probably one of the oldest bathing soap and is also very popular among Kenyans for its quality. The soap is available in the following sizes; 75g, 125g and 175g.

Above are just but some top best bathing soaps in Kenya. Yoi will however find more in the market, if you find one that is suitable, do not hesitate to pick it.

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