Bar soaps are important in our households, we are always looking to uphold hygiene and cleanliness and they help us achieve that. Below, we are going to look at best bar soaps in Kenya and factors to consider when picking one.

As earlier stated, the aim of using a bar soap is for  cleanliness or removing dirt. Depending on your intended use, you will need a soap that fits best.

Factors to consider when choosing a bar soap

To ensure you have the best soap for your intended use, you will have to put in some considerations as we will see below.

Intended use

This is the first thing that you should keep in mind, this is what will affect the decision you make in regard to the other below factors. For example, a utensils washing bar soap will not be similar to a laundry soap or hand washing bar soap in most cases.


The soap that you choose should form foam easily. The amount of foam should be according to your need, for example, laundry may require more foam than utensils washing.

A good soap should also form foam in low temperatures, this means that you can effectively use it in cold and hot water.


When doing your laundry, you also want your clothes to be left with a nice scent. Bar soaps manufacturers offers various fragrance choices in their various types of bar soaps.

The fragrance you choose should be inline with your personal taste, at times, you may require a washing powder for a stronger scent. In some cases such as untensil washing, you might not require a soap with fragrance.

If you are looking for hand washing soap, antibacterial soaps are recommend. See  best  antibacterial soaps on this bathing soap buying guide.

List of best bar soaps

Below are some of the best bar soaps that you can apply the above consideration to pick that suits you best.

Menengai bar soap

Menengai bar soap

This is one of the best bar soap in Kenya offered by Menengai ltd. The bar soap comes in two main varieties namely; Menengai cream and Menengai lemon. The sizes available for this bar soap are: 800g, 1Kg and 500g.

White star bar soap

white star barsoap

This is yet another soap that you can consider when doing your picking. The product is offered by Bidco Africa and is available in the following sizes; 200g, 500g, 800g and 1kg.

Other bar soaps from Bidco include Msafi and Tiger. You can visit their website for more details and recommend prices.

Jamaa bar soap

Jamaa bar soap

This  bar soap is very popular among Kenyans for its performance and is offered by Kapa oil refineries. Sizes available include 800g and 1kg.

Sunlight bar soap

Sunlight bar soap

Sunlight is yet another brand suitable as a choice. While the soap is suitable for all washing, it is most suitable when used for hand washing, the bar soap is available in the following sizes; 80g, 175g, 700g and 900g.

Above are just but some top best bar soaps available in the Kenyan market. You will however find more, if you get that fits to your need, do not hesitate to pick it. Cheers!!




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