A TV is perhaps one of the most important appliance in most homes, its importance is even increased when its capabilities are boosted. Android boxes/fire stick are devices that boost the performance of TVs, below we are going to see the best Android boxes in Kenya and features to consider when buying one.

What an Android box does is change an analog TV into a digital TV, this gives the previous analog TV capabilities equal to that of a smart TV. Operations that are enabled by an Android box include: accessing the internet, streaming of videos from services such as Netflix, play games, Install apps, connect with home assistant programs such as Alexa etc

The Android box achieves the above through a software, this is usually the same case in smartphones and Personal Computers. The software used for all Android boxes is the Android Operating System. This OS is provided by Google and they offer the OS in open source/closed open source just like they offer in other smart devices. This means that different manufacturers can use the OS with some manipulation allowed. The main advantage of Android OS for TVs is the large number of apps available compared to other Operating Systems. The downside is risk on personal data since some manufacturers may take advantage of the chance.

Most Android box are connected to the TV through the HDMI port, after that you are good to go. If you are looking for a decoder instead, you can check the best decoders in Kenya and buying guide here.Unlike in decoders, where some providers will charge you a frequent subscription fee, in Android boxes, you will never have to pay anything else expect the buying price.

Features to check for an Android Box

If you are willing to get the best, you will have to combine the following considerations and at the end, you will have the most suitable Android box.


Just like most smart devices, an Android box has a Random Access Memory(RAM). This is the memory that stores data that is about to be used, the larger the memory, the fast the operations. For example if you are streaming, an Android box with a large RAM will load fast. One with at least 2GB RAM is recommended, a 4GB one is even better.


The processor is another feature that contributes to the speed of an Android box. The higher the processor the faster it is. The latest processor is Tegra x1, a box with this processor is super fast.

Video quality

Just as we looked at different qualities available when looking at best smart TVs, below are qualities available. It is recommended that the Android box you pick should have at last 1080p Video quality, the most recommended is 2160p. The list below gives video qualities available and their different names:

          • Full HD- 1080p
          • 4K/Ultra HD- 2160p
          • 8K/Full Ultra HD- 4320p

8K is the latest technology but has not yet been utilized to the full hence a 4K one is adequate.


Most Android boxes comes with an internal storage available which is commonly indicated as ROM. The bigger the ROM, the better, this internal storage can be used to store downloaded files. Most Android boxes have a storage of 16GB while other go up to 64GB. If a box do not have ROM, it should at least provide USB port for external storage devices such as Flashdisks.

Mode of Internet connection

It is recommended that the Android box you use to have both WiFi and Ethernet connection capabilities. This will ensure that your steaming and internet access is not disrupted since you will have two options.

Bluetooth connectivity

Though not a compoulsory requirement, an Android box with this feature will offer you capability to share files between your TV and other devices.

OS Version

While all Android TV box use Android OS, there are various versions of the OS. Android OS version 9.0 is considered the most stable and hence you should consider it when picking.

Best Android Box

With the above considerations, here are some brands you can pick an android box from.

Nvidia Shield TV

nvida shield

This is perhaps the most recommended Android box, not only by users but also on most online reviews, the cost however is not that pocket friendly. Offered by Nvidia, the boxes have high features, from super fast streaming , 4K video quality to high RAM and processors. If you have a good budget, you can go for this brand.

Google chromecast steaming device

Google chromecast streaming

These devices are offered in various versions by Google. Each new version contains new and improved features. From their users reviews, the Android boxes are high performing with fast speeds, good image quality of up to 4K and more.

Xiaomi Android box

xiaomi android tv

This Chinese brand is popular for its smartphones in Kenya, the Xiaomi Android boxes are no less compared to other boxes in the Kenyan Market. The box comes with availability of most popular apps, high image quality of 4K, latest versions of Android OS and more.

Amazon fire stick

amazon fire stick

Amazon is global tech company, this company also offers their own high quality Android boxes that you can consider when making your choice. The boxes have high speeds, internal storage available, 4K video quality and more features.

Above are just but some of the top Android boxes available in the Kenyan market that can help you go digital. You will however find more brands in the market, if you get one with good user reviews and passes the features consideration mentioned above, don’t hesitate to pick it.

Note: Some Android box come with advance features such accepting voice commands or even connection with virtual assistants such as Google assistant or Alexa. If you are looking for such capabilities, make sure you check on the features list.CHEERS!!

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