Push notifications are one of the methods website owners can use to get returning visitors. If you are running on WordPress, you can add a button that users click on to subscribe to push notifications.

Subscribe to push notifications button on WordPress

We are going to add a button like the one above using a free plugin.

A button will highly increase the number of subscribers as compared to other methods of subscription request. It can also be added to any page/post on your wordpress website. Below, we will walk you through the steps you should follow to add a subscribe to push notifications button on WordPress.

1. Install Webpushr Push Notifications

We are going to use Webpushr free plugin to add a subscribe to push notification button. We tested various popular push notifications plugins and found this to be the only one that provides a free, simple and direct method to add a push notification button.

This plugin also allows ten thousand subscribers for free including sending them notifications. Notifications can be sent manually or automatically on new post publish, additionally, the opt-in and opt-out prompts can be customized.

To install the Webpushr plugin, head on to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins, Add New. Search for Webpushr Push Notifications then install and activate the plugin.

Install Webpushr Push Notifications

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2. Configure the Webpushr plugin

Next, you will need to register an account on the Webpushr console by clicking on the registration button on the welcome screen.

Regsiter to Webpushr console

On the Webpushr registration page, enter your website Url, your name, email address and password then click on register.

Webpushr registration page

After successful registration, your website will be integrated automatically with the Webpushr console and you will be redirected to Webpushr Configuration on the WordPress dashboard. Here you can enable/disable push notifications and set the content for your push notifications.

Push notifications settings

3. Create a push notification button

To create a subscribe to push notifications button, scroll down to the customize Optin prompt on the Webpushr configuration page and click on Webpushr console.

Customize optin promt

Sign in to your console using the details you used when creating an account and select your site.

Select your site

On the console, you can view the number of subscribers, impressions, interactions and click-through rate of your push notifications. Additionally, you can customize your Optin prompts.

To create an Optin button, click on the Setup option on the Webpushr console then choose the Opt-in button.

Button setup

Next, customize your button appearance, change the text to your use case, the background color, turn on/off the subscribers count, and choose the size and theme.

Customize your button

When done, click on generate button code.

Generate button code

Next, use the copy to clipboard button to copy the provided code.

Copy button code

4. Add the push notification button to your WordPress site

Now that you have created the button, the next step will be to add the code to your WordPress site. This button can be inserted anywhere on your posts or pages. For now, we will create a page and paste the code.

Click on Add a new page, give your page a title then make sure your editor is switched to text if you are using classic editor. If you are using the blocks editor, write some texts first then click on Edit as HTML.

Change to HTML

Paste the code and publish the page.

Paste the button code

Now, if you visit the page, you will see the subscribe to push notifications button that you created. Repeat the same steps when pasting the code on places you want the button to appear, you can also use the Ad inserter plugin to insert the button on different positions in your posts and pages.

Working subcribe to push notifications button

Note: If you had already subscribed to notifications on your current browser, the button won’t appear, you will have to visit the page on another browser that supports push notifications to view the button.

Now, when you click on the button, you should receive a confirmation request from the browser to allow notifications from the website.

push confimation

That is it, you have added a subscribe to push notification button to your WordPress site. Now you can send traffic to where you added the button and grow your number of subscribers.

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